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Obama 'mangling' scripture

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How do you feel about the President’s manipulation of Scripture? Talk to me…


Conservative commentator Robert Knight of Coral Ridge Ministries is taking issue with President Obama’s recent “born gay, always gay” comments.

Knight says many politicians are frightened of the homosexual issue and unfamiliar with the research, and end up giving away moral ground. On the other hand, Knight told OneNewsNow that some wrongly assert homosexuality is innate and therefore should be promoted. On October 14, Obama said people are born with a certain makeup, claiming all are “children of God.” Furthermore, he said, people do not make choices about who they love.

“That’s a mangling of scripture [which] says not everybody is a child of God,” Knight responds. “We’re all created in God’s image, but to be a child of God means to come under God’s authority and to honor God above all else and to submit to Jesus Christ.”


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One Response to “Obama 'mangling' scripture”

  1. Mike LeMay #

    Test–We need to keep our spiritual eyes and ears open these days.

    October 29, 2010 at 6:51 AM