Young Madison Protestor stands up for teachers

Image by SEIU International via Flickr

We are watching a very serious situation unfold in Madison where union members, students and community organizers are protesting budget cuts in the state of Wisconsin.  Make no mistake, this situation has the potential to become violent and ugly.  I think it is important for Christians to step back and be on our knees praying for everyone involved.

First, let me be clear about one thing—I know many public school teachers who are Christians and dedicated teachers doing the best they can to help our children.  It is very important as Christians that we do NOT view these people as enemies.  They are faced with the possibility of a major cut in their benefits.  Many of us have been there these past few years and I take no joy in watching these teachers face the same situation.

But the simple fact is this:  Wisconsin is on the verge of economic collapse.  And public employees are simply being asked to share some of the pain many of us in the private sector have been facing over the past few years.  Government spending must be dramatically reduced—and state employees must make some sacrifices.  The alternative to sacrifice is running the risk of the governor firing every teacher and hiring replacements.  That is not a good situation for any one.

Yesterday, while waiting for service at a local business, the protests were being covered on the national news and a man standing next to me said he would like to see someone shoot Governor Walker.  He went on to call Walker a nazi.  This man went on to say that Governor Walker was taking human rights away from union members and was as bad as Mubarek in Egypt.

THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HUMAN RIGHTS.  THIS IS ABOUT MONEY.  I don’t blame school teachers for not wanting to pay more for their health insurance and retirement.  However the reality of the situation is if their union does not make concessions, the state could possibly go bankrupt and nullify all employment contracts.

And quite frankly, marching out high school and college students to protest–to me–is disgusting.  Is this part of “educating” our children?  While I appreciate the work our teachers do, their role is not to fill our students heads with propaganda and incite them to protest on their behalf.

The problem is not the individual teacher—it is the NEA.  As we have documented on this show and will continue to, the NEA is an anti-Christian organization that is working with the United Nations to push a humanist agenda on to our children.  They fight against school choice and home schooling every chance they get and seek to eliminate God from public education at every turn.

I sincerely hope that no teacher will lose their job in this crisis.  But we need to get government spending under control and that will require sacrifices.  And we need to reduce or eliminate the impact the NEA has on our children.

Please pray that God will work in the hearts and minds of all involved for a peaceful resolution to this crucial situation.  Second Chronicles 7:14:  “If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”.

Our land, the United States, needs major healing.  The situation in Madison sadly could be the beginning of major unrest throughout the country if this escalates.  This is not a time for hateful rhetoric—this is a time for prayer.  As men and women of God, I encourage every one of us to pray for a peaceful, just resolution to this crisis.  Do not give in to feelings of hatred or anger—that is exactly what community organizers and other trouble makers want.

Please commit to uniting in prayer for our state and citizens.  There is much more at stake here than I think any of us realize.