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Why historical context is important

The Declaration of Independence

Do you ever wish you could go back to Jesus’ day and find out what was happening in the culture and the faith of those who heard His words? Today’s guest is Dr. Jake Jacobs, a teacher and speaker who has a unique perspective on the historical context of  the Scripture you are reading! Dr. Jake’s understanding of our Hebrew/Jewish Roots gives us an eye-opening look at how to put our reading in proper perspective.

So how does historical context translate into what we’re facing in America today? Our founding fathers had a vision for where our nation can go, but is that vision falling by the wayside of a worldly worldview? Jake’s passion and ministry is to teach, preach, proclaim those roots in Churches Seminars across America.  He also speaks to civic groups and partners with Freedom Project Education.

Check out Jake’s website here  and “Like” his Facebook Page here.

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