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New Atheism, Part II: A far-reaching agenda

The New Atheism movement is one that is drawing secular humanists from all over the world into a unified community like no other time in our history. So what is New Atheism and what sets it apart from traditional atheism?  One example is the way in which organized groups of atheists are partnering with science and education groups to “educate” not only our children but society at large about the origin of life.  (One such group you are hearing about in the news lately is the Freedom From Religion Foundation based in Madison, Wis., headed by Annie Gaylord).  These anti-Christian worldview ideas are now becoming a major part of the political-social scene.

With us today is an expert on the New Atheism, local political writer and pundit Robert Meyer. Last month, Robert shared Part I of the New Atheism research he has done, and we encourage you to check that podcast out.  Robert also writes for Renew America, and you can check out his articles here.

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