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Mobocracy and the Church

Is the Occupy movement similar to what’s happening in the Church in America today? When you look at the Emergent Church, the New Apostolic Reformation and other movements in the Church, there seems to be “Liberal” and a “Conservative” segment of our Christian leadership that is dividing Christians not only in our faith but in our everyday culture.

Today we’re examining the similarities between our society and the state of the Church in America and around the world, with our special guest Dr. Jake Jacobs. Jake shares his unique historical perspective on where we’ve come from and we are headed.  Jake’s new book, Mobocracy: This is what Democracy Looks Like, talks about the cultural and political war to destroy our republic and our God.  His passion and ministry is to teach, preach, proclaim those roots in Churches Seminars across America.  He also speaks to civic groups and partners with Freedom Project Education. Check out his Facebook Page and his Blog!

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One Response to “Mobocracy and the Church”

  1. Mr Davis #

    I have to agree that people who would not normally do something can and will under the influence of a mob. The notion that everyone holds an equal voice while so apealing is destructive for this very reason. When everyone has an equal voice there is no voice, just noise.

    Inevitably a voice will rise up to rally around because we really don't like chaos and then reason leaves us. Now being puffed full of energy and rage and focused on a unifing voice obedience comes easily even if its for our own destruction.

    So it really is better to yield, to give way and to prefer one another. This is the premise in Matthew 5.

    January 31, 2012 at 11:03 AM