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Freedom from what? Pharisees, heresies and the Law

English: 10 Commandments within St Mary Woolno...To whom was the Law given? Believers!  Jesus did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it. Paul taught that the Law is good because it teaches us right from wrong. And while some debate whether Jesus freed us from the Law, we know that He did free us from the power of sin and abuse of the Law many teachers in His day were imposing on followers.  Today we are continuing our discussion about Jesus, the Pharisees and the heresies He brought to light.

Plus in our first segment, we’ll check in with  Julaine Appling of  Wisconsin Family Action to talk about the impact of some recent news on the pro-life front, including the announcement from the pink ribbon folks–the Susan G. Komen foundation–that it will no longer fund abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

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One Response to “Freedom from what? Pharisees, heresies and the Law”

  1. Jon Gallatin #

    What may be interesting for this topic is to look at Martin Luther's two uses of the law. The first use showing us how to live in society and to keep order. The second use showing us that how we cannot keep the first so it shows us our need for Christ and the forgiveness Christ can only give.

    February 2, 2012 at 7:43 AM Reply

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