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Amy is co-host and blogger for both Stand Up for the Truth and Naomi's Table, two ministries that give her the opportunity to write and talk about Jesus all day long. She has written, produced and broadcast in the realm of television and radio news, magazine business journals and marketing materials.

How seriously should Christians take the political process?

Charles Spurgeon is quoted as saying, “Of two evils, choose neither.”  That seems to be a growing sentiment among Christians who are feeling that way when it comes to voting and politics. Here is the latest Barna poll on how Christians view voting – or not voting – on specific issues, broken down by whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical or whatever flavor you happen to be in the body of Christ.

Question: Do you consider yourself among those Christians who are giving up on the political process, or are you more fired up than ever this election season?  Do you think there such a thing as “political obedience to God?”

Author Scott Alan Buss is here to share insights from his just-released book titled, Stupid Elephant Tricks: The Other Progressive Party’s War on Christianity.   Scott’s first book, Fire Breathing Christians: The Common Believer’s Call to Reformation, Revival, and Revolution was launched in 2010, andApathetic Christianity: The Zombie Religion of American Churchianity is just out as well. Check out Scott’s blog here.

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