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When hard times come

When tragedy strikes we often hear Christians say, “I don’t know how I possibly could get through this without my faith in Jesus Christ.”  He is our anchor and our Rock:

Psalms 50:15 …call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.

Hard times will come. We all lose people we love. We all suffer consequences for our own pride. And we’ve all felt that heartbreak and uncertainty when these things happen to us or someone we know.  In addition, the Bible says Christians will be hated and persecuted for simply believing and standing for Jesus. We are seeing persecution of Christians around the world…and someday we might be in the shoes of the martyrs. Are we as Christ followers prepared for that?

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Joining our discussion today is Elijah Abraham, a man who knows about persecution. Elijah is a frequent guest on Stand Up For The Truth, a former Muslim himself, and a born-again Christian whose writings and ministries educate Christians all over the world about Islam and how to reach Muslim believers with the hope of our risen savior, Jesus Christ.

Elijah is part of Biblical Missiology, the group that recently petitioned Wycliffe and its partners for removing familial terms to describe God and Jesus from Bible translations used to reach Muslim communities. Elijah is the founder and executive director of Living Oasis Ministries, where you’ll find a host of resources.  Check out Elijah’s news articles at Right On Weekly, an online magazine.

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  1. Stand Up For the Truth is a faithfull partner in true citizenship, in calling out those participating in wrongdoing as well as uplifting the citizen on their journey through this life. RoghtOn Weekly counts them among our trusted parnters, and also look to them for their continued leadership in standing up for the truth!

    July 14, 2012 at 9:38 AM