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Why I Won’t Be Attending Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit Again This Year

This is one of the more challenging programs we’ve aired on Stand Up For The Truth. As you know, we’ve been adamant about the need for pastors and Christian ministry leaders to become bold leaders, unashamed of the Gospel.  But leaders must also be very clear on where they are leading their followers. the world is getting more confusing, and the heat is starting to come against biblical Christianity. We must have leaders who are bold and stand on the Truth of God’s Word.

So what does all of this have to do with the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit?  If you are going to attend the conference beginning this week, good! All we want to do today is to give you a framework for understanding a different agenda than the one you thought you were getting. So go, be aware and be armed with information you won’t hear from the presenters.*

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*Challenge for you:

One of the Willow Creek Leadership Summit’s speakers is William Ury. Here is his website. How many red flags can you discern? Go!
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3 Responses to “Why I Won’t Be Attending Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit Again This Year”

  1. graham murphy #

    if you look closely at the U.N alliance of civilisations in wikpeadia that Ury's initiative Abrahams path got an award from as exibited on the homepage -the high level group sets out its beliefs :

    The report also recommends combating "exclusivism" and extremism. It defines exclusivism as, “those who feed on exclusion and claim sole ownership of the truth". Thus, religious groups who assert one specific truth to the exclusion of other religious doctrines are considered undesirable by the AoC. Furthermore, the report identifies the primary global groups in this issue as the three monotheistic faiths.

    Scarey to know that the UN is running a group and gives out awards biased towards groups who dont believe they hold the sole truth.- it rewards pluralism

    November 6, 2012 at 1:35 AM
  2. Mr. Jamie Lee Rake #

    Either consciously or not, I believe Hybels' (and, by extension, his church's) ultimate agenda for his leadership conference is a spiritual syncretism or universalism that allows the positioning Christianity as one of multiple ways to God and heaven. Willow Creek's church bookstore carries books by Catholic/Buddhist syncretist monk Thomas Merton and other contemplative/mystical/new age/emergent authors (see http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/willowcre… ;furthermore, there's not only the issue of Hybels' wife's confused-to be generous-politics regarding Israel and Palestine, but the fact that a Muslim cleric was invited to the church not long after the terrorist attacks of 11 Sept. '01 and said that Islam reveres Jesus more than Christianity, a statement I believe he got away with saying without refutation from Hybels nor other Willow Creek staff. All the above, coupled with Bill and Lynne's association with and advocacy of questionable figures including Jim Wallis, Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, John Ortberg et al lead me to the conclusion that someone would have to have their crap detector set so high as to make a ticket to the leadership conference not worth the potential headache from cognitive dissonance nor the price.

    August 8, 2012 at 5:10 AM