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Mike is the general manager of Q90 FM and co-host of Stand Up For The Truth. His new book, "Are You Really Saved?" Understanding Sin, Grace, Salvation, and Sanctification, published in 2014.

Wishing All of Us a "Disturbing Christmas"

Nativity scene at Sacred Heart Catholic Church...Well here we are on December 21, 2012—and the earth has not been destroyed.  Sadly millions around the world are relieved because they put credence into the “Mayan Calendar” hype.  But life goes on and God is still on his throne.  And our duties as Christians remain the same.

We’re just 4 days away from when we as Christians celebrate the day that God took the form of humanity to come and save a lost world.  As this is our final show before Christmas Day, I guess the normal wish for you would be “Merry Christmas!”  But I am not going to wish each of us a “Merry Christmas”—instead my wish is we have a “Disturbing Christmas”.

Do we ever reflect on the humility required of God to assume human flesh and be the necessary sacrifice for our sins?  Or is Christmas just a cool time where we give and receive presents and get to take a day or two off work?  Does this disturb you?

Are we more hung up on the store clerk who says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas?”—even though that is what her employer has ordered her to say?  Have we ever put ourselves in her shoes—wondering what we would do if our boss ordered us to do the same?  Does this disturb you?

Will this be the next in a series of Christmas celebrations where we are temporarily overwhelmed by the love of God, only to return once again to our sinful, disobedient ways?  Does this disturb you?

Millions who consider themselves Christians will show up at church next week—only to never come back until the next Christmas season—Does this disturb you?

For some reason, I am really struck by the awe of it all this year.  It overwhelms me with joy when I think of what we celebrate next Tuesday—God becoming flesh to live with us and deliver us.  It also grieves me when I think of the many times I just take that sacrifice for granted—how I go on sinning when I should know better.  How I fail to share the gospel every day with neighbors and friends; and how too often I value things of this world over God.

I feel a heavy burden when I think of so many Christians who celebrate Christmas every year—and yet they go on sinning and acting no different than pagans.  And I realize that I am just as bad in many ways.  I complain about inconsequential circumstances and too often give into my flesh, choosing to please myself instead of the one who came and died for me.

It’s time we face some cold hard facts—many Christians are “seasonal Christians” at best—for a couple of days every year around Christmas, we actually feel joy in our hearts and greet all those we meet with smiles.  But once the tree is taken down and the presents have been opened, it’s business as usual.  Back to our sinful ways and spiritual malaise, choosing the things of this world over God.  And then we wonder why we cannot reach the lost for Jesus.  Just what is it in our lives, short of these couple days around Christmas, that would cause the lost to look at us and desire to have what we have—eternal life in God?

May Christmas 2012 be the time we truly learn to trust in God.  Not a superficial trust based on our circumstances—but the faith and trust the apostle Paul acquired—learning to trust God and rejoice no matter what our circumstances.  Because that unwavering trust in God, in good times and in bad, is a testament to our faith and the key to reaching the lost for God.  History shows us that many came to a saving faith in Jesus by witnessing the death of martyrs who refused to deny Jesus Christ.  Do we have that level of passion and commitment?  Not even close.  We as Christians are often the single greatest impediment to reaching the lost.  In the words of Pogo:  “We have met the enemy, and it is us!”

So, in breaking with the Christian tradition and the norm for all other radio shows, I do not wish us a “Merry Christmas!”  Instead I hope you and I have a “disturbing Christmas.”  May we grieve over how we fail our Lord and Savior every day, trusting in this world instead of Him.  And may we commit to doing something about that in 2013.

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5 Responses to “Wishing All of Us a "Disturbing Christmas"”

  1. I wanted to find an appropriate story to engage this, sorry Mike.

    Christmas, the pagan holiday. Bring it up in support and the rock throwers will be here armed ready throwing their rocks in the anti-catholic tradition that is their theology. But there is a different story ( a good read " Is a Wrong Day Right?" ). Jews don't celebrate birthdays because celebrating birthdays is pagan (think about that, those of us over 50, pumping fist ). Yep. So you'd better quit giving Cindy birthday parties, sorry, Johnny's going have to skip his. Think of the money you'll save, no more birthday party competition. But I digress.

    The Jews did consider life beginning at conception, though. Now some have traced Jesus birth actually to the Festival of Trumpets ( which I is awesome ), Sept 11. 3bc to be precise, but as I pointed out that's not a date that would fly well here in the states. What makes the timing unique, though, is that 9 months before that would be conception, Chanukah, 25th Kislev, the Temple was cleaned, purified, rededicated. Sorry, but I kind of lose any paganism here. So you can rage about the traditions, go ahead. Sue and I don't decorate, mostly because it's too much like work, we take offense that Madison's "christian" station starts "christmas" music the very same hour that "xmas" shopping starts (noon Thanksgiving Day this year), we as a family exchange gifts when we all can get together. But as a date, my study gives it a more than anti-catholic significance.

    But, again, if you're that religious,quit with the Birthdays altogether, because those really are pagan holidays. Oh, speaking of pagan holidays, are you all going to be sending sweetheart notes in celebration of that pagan catholic holiday of worshiping dead bones, St Valentines Day, Saturday?

    February 10, 2015 at 8:39 AM
  2. Ann #

    Growing up in the church system, I was instructed by the pastors of this religious system, that christmas was when Jesus was born. We memorized our assigned Scripture verses and dressed up in costumes performing our programs, complete with inviting the congregation to join us in singing christmas carols. We were innocent in the respect that we did not know any better and I believe the adults in charge did not know that christmas was not Scriptural either. For you see: for all of the instruction from the pulpit, for all of the Bible studies conducted in church, for all of the Sunday School instruction and two years of confirmation classes required of us….not once did I ever hear that this celebration the world calls christmas is "pagan."
    Many pastors are taught the truth in what is called seminary, but will never preach the truth from their platforms that lord over us on Saturday or Sunday, depending upon which verses they choose to twist and manipulate their congregations into worshipping the LORD.

    After becoming a follower of Jesus Christ and actually sitting down and reading and meditating on the Word of God myself, allowing GOD, the Holy Spirit to teach me instead of man, those Words revealed the truth to me. I was set free. Joy and peace filled my heart and yet I felt disappointed at the revelation that the church has lied to me and all of us. I have to ask the question….why would an institution that prides itself in proclaiming "the truth," literally lie to the people they call "their sheep?" Jesus, himself never lied to anyone.

    What really hurts me is that those who call themselves Christians are more often than not, the greatest persecuters to those of us who do not honor nor celebrate this time of year as the birth of Christ. I will be blunt here…many of them (yes, church goers) hate those who do not engage in this, and it grieves my soul.

    Please pray for all of those who have received the truth and have been called out from the harlot church system.

    December 27, 2012 at 8:26 AM
  3. Casey Whitworth #

    Our Saviour is a Jew. Jesus is a Jew. Jews don't keep Christmas, God didn't keep Christmas. God never expressed a tradition of Christmas through his convenant people in history or scripture for us to better understand him or his purpose for us, like he did with real God derived days, say like Penticost or the Passover.

    Christmas is disturbing. It's disturbing to see so many Christians buy into what the father of lies has laid out as somehow being representative of what God would have us be doing, or thinking is okay.

    Do Christians feel compelled to do and celebrate Muslim, Hindu, of other religious traditions special days? Why not? Then why Christmas? The Church was here for hundreds of years without celebrating Christmas. Christ set no example and left no instructions to start keeping the traditions of other religions. The Apostles he taught firsthand, and walked the earth with, eventually all died. They all died without keeping Christmas, I wonder why? Did they have reason to love him less or know him less than we do? All those that walked with them who physically walked with Jesus, and were taught by Jesus's Apostles eventually died, and none of them ever did Christmas, I wonder why? Did they love Jesus less than us?

    The Apostle John was the last of Christ's apostles. John's disciple Polycarp was the last of those to walk with John. He eventually died, burned at the stake for having agreed to disagree with the Church of Rome, and not agree to dispense with the Passover in preference of Easter.

    I can understand why one would cave in, deny the truth, accept a lie as the truth knowingly, when under the pressure of a persecutor or the threat of death or being burned at the stake, if you didn't forsake your belief. That said, I find Christmas increasingly disturbing as Christians become almost militant to keep the Christ in Christmas, when in reality, Christ has never been in a single Christmas. I agree with Polycarp, what Jesus taught his apostiles and they inturn taught the rest of the church, is good enough, doesn't need to be changed up, added to or taken away from. I don't know that I'd willing be burned at the stake to say that like he did, but I agree.

    Do we know who the Father of lies is? What is Christmas if not a foundation of lies? It isn't "what are the origins of Christmas?", it's, "who is the originator of Christmas?" Do we really want to continue believing it's anything other than what it is? Look, even the nativity scenes sold in boxesat Costco, on display at churches, in cartoons and TV shows are lies. There weren't three wisemen, and they didn't see a new baby in a manger. My son started talking and was walking when he was two, so however many were in the travelling party to see the Christ Jesus, they saw someone very different than the image that has been painted in our heads, he was no baby in a manger. Why? Why the helpless little baby in a manger and not the real Jesus?

    Jesus the Messiah / Christ. Born a Jew, (not a Canadain or an American or anyone else steepted in the traditions of Christmas) to fullfill the promises made to God's covenant people, the sons and daughters of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    The world hates the things of God. Have you ever wondered why the world loves Christmas? Can you find something about Christmas that isn't a lie, or that was exampled by Jesus, his apostles, their disiples, or the church, that would make Christmas any more Christian than keeping some other religions religious day?

    Nothing out sells Christmas in our North American economies except arms (military). Without it, our house of cards collapse. It's now our economic drug of choice, with a hybrid religious day that attracks Christians and non-christians alike to fuel it. It's going to keep growing, the world loves it, and the Father of lies reveals in it.

    Ask yourself, how many Christian kids are eagerly looking forward Christ coming and establishing God's government on earth? How many are eagerly looking forward to Santa/Satan coming every year instead? Who is stealing that anticipation of Christs return from God? Who are willingly being manipulated by the father of lies, to lie to their children in order to pull this travesty off? Yes, Christmas is disturbing on so many levels.

    Remove the lumber from your own eye before pointing out another, so I ask God to forgive me for my sins against him first, and with thanksgiving appreciate God's Mercy and Grace through the blood willing shed by Jesus, and ask God to forgive the ministers and pastors who continue generating the lies to their members, like parents do to their kids. It wasn't until the late 1800's that any church except the Catholic church, ever had anything to do with Christmas, we didn't do Christmas in North America. There was a reason for that, do you know what it was? It should be the same reason as now. Was there some great doctrinal discovery and the churches have some great epiphany to now embrace Christmas? No,like Isreal we strayed from the truth and eventually justified a lie and embraced the father of lies instead of our Saviour, who isn't a baby in a manger. Yes, Christmas is disturbing.

    December 24, 2012 at 11:07 PM
  4. Every time we think of Christmas it should challenge us. It is a holiday not commanded but now expected. It is a time when so many forces are at work attempting to render even the name of Jesus Christ non-existent. It is a time that we would rather tells ourselves about our "better natures" than admit we have no better nature, and only the eventual sacrifice of the Christ child could make saving grace available. Christmas is a time of expectations and uncomfortable moments with extended families, many of which no longer even know exactly why there is a holiday called Christmas. But it is also still one of only two major holidays that exists because of the gospel. Along with Easter which gives us a proclamation of His death and resurrection, Christmas shows us a virgin born baby in a manger. Why did He need to come? It is interesting that we can start our unbelief right at the start with the virgin birth. So, something as simple as a nativity scene can really imply so much more. As the story goes, she was found with child by the Holy Spirit. Since that very moment a tremendous battle has raged, but soon that battle will be over. May The Lord strengthen us to the very end, keep us holy, for the revelation to come will not be undone.

    Happy Holidays,


    December 22, 2012 at 4:05 PM
  5. Mr Davis #

    This season of the winter solstice celebrated with the Pagan tradition of the Yule Feast which was a looking forward to the renewal of longer days. In the tradition where animals were killed, the blood was spinkled over the idols, the temple and the men themselves and meat was boiled and eaten during these darkest days, men toasted the god's and those who died and tried to make merry through the beverage called ale.

    About the only think lacking in how we celebrate this season is the blood spinkling on all the partakers.

    What an appropriate time in these dark days to proclaim the light of the world, Christ Jesus who was born to die so men may live and have life everlasting.

    I hope we would have the boldness to acknowledge this is not really a Christian Holiday. Christ wasn't born in winter. He came as the Light of the world, so we would not have to continue in darkness any longer and serve those things which are no Gods. That through Christ Jesus and the freedom that comes in His Name our Joy may be found in Christ and no longer bound to the circumstances we find ourselves in. Yes that even in great trouble our joy may abound knowing our savior conquered both sin and death which He himself demonstrated in His resurrection from the dead.

    Yea we who are bound up in Christ are more than conquerers. For there is One God there is no other and what He has determined that He will do and none will stay His hand None will prevent His will or confound His counsel. He alone has announced from the beginning the end before it comes to be.

    So Cry out to God with your whole heart, while He may be found before the day comes when He closes His ears to the cries of the disobedient. Cry out for Him to save you from yourself, the wickness that is in you, that He would cleanse you with the pure water of His Word and make you clean by the sprinking of His blood which was Shed in Christ. That Christ Jesus may grant to you His righteousness and naming you as His own and bring you back as one which was lost but now am found. May Christ Himself testify to this very thing in you, so neither you, nor any man, can lay claim to having saved you. You will know it was Christ Jesus and Him alone.

    May God bless you in all spiritual blessings and knowledge and keep you in and through Christ Jesus unto the end.

    December 21, 2012 at 5:01 AM