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Mike is the general manager of Q90 FM and co-host of Stand Up For The Truth. His new book, "Are You Really Saved?" Understanding Sin, Grace, Salvation, and Sanctification, published in 2014.

Is Persecution Right Around the Corner?

Deutsch: Gottfried Feder und Adolf Hitler 1919

In 1936 Germany was in the midst of economic ruin and social upheaval, facing an uncertain future.  A charismatic leader by the name of Adolph Hitler was rising to power and he pointed Germans to a new direction that would bring the nation and its people back to greatness—if they only trusted him.

He consolidated power, bypassing the German legislative houses and started imposing his own laws, ignoring the due process of the German government.  One of his first edicts was to control guns within society to “bring about peace”.  Then he turned his attention to fundamental religion which he saw as an enemy to the state and aspirations of his Nazi regime.  He successfully silenced the churches by convincing them he shared their values—but they would have to cooperate with him and his agenda to return Germany to greatness.

The church rolled over like a dog begging for scraps and within one year every bible and cross was removed from Christian churches and only Third Reich government employees were allowed to preach in church services.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Six million Jews were slaughtered and the world was brought into world war as Hitler rose to power in a time of uncertainty and fear.

But that could never happen in the United States of America—we’re the land of the free and the home of the brave.  And besides the Christian Church in America would never allow this kind of oppression and tyranny to occur!  Well, think again…

When you look at the rise of power within our federal government since the 9/11 attacks, we must concede that we might be on the cusp of a government bent on imposing its will and values upon all Americans.  Through the Patriot Act every American citizen is spied upon every day and privacy is a thing of the past.  Our government has now mandated that employers and health plans financially support abortion; the Supreme Court may soon rule homosexual marriage as a constitutionally protected right; and now many in Washington are hell bent on taking guns away from law abiding citizens who want to protect themselves and their families.

And if you carefully watch events at the U.N., where fundamental religion is considered the greatest threat to the survival of mankind, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to think that Christianity has a target on its chest as the next freedom that will be attacked.

Now Christians can make the argument that we should not worry about things of this world and only concentrate on Jesus Christ and spreading the gospel.  But to argue that without thinking of the consequences of non-engagement is foolishness.  If we are unwilling to fight the spread of tyranny and government censorship, then we better be prepared to reap the results of our inactions.  We best be prepared to eventually be driven under ground as the price we pay for not standing up and fighting for our religious values and freedoms.

Think it could never happen in America—well you better think again, and more importantly you better start reading your bible.  Because it will happen and it is starting to happen right before our eyes.

In Luke 21 Jesus is discussing the end of the age—the time just before His glorious return.  “Nation will rise against nation…but before all this they will lay hands on you and persecute you.  They will deliver you to synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors, and all on account of my name…All men will hate you because of me.”

So stand up and peacefully fight the coming tyranny, or if you choose to, sit back passively.  But know what is coming and prepare your hearts for a time when all men will hate us for Jesus’ sake.  These times will come and they are starting to unfold right before our eyes.  Are we preparing our hearts?  Or are we one of the virgins sitting idly with no oil in our lamp?  The choice is yours.

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14 Responses to “Is Persecution Right Around the Corner?”

  1. It is better to educate people than to persecute one group of people. Because what ends up happening a lot of times is that people feel sorry for the persecuted group and join their cause. So education may be the best way to fight a group that is promoting harmful beliefs.

    February 11, 2013 at 6:19 AM
  2. nursegirl2001 #

    We are not to idly stand by as God's people ans say nothing! Someone clearly needs to read both the bible and the spirit of prophecy. These are the last days of Earth's final history. With love but assertiveness, we are to voice Christian rights and ideals as God requires us to do so as He instructed the disciples of old. In many countries around the world as we speak and as has been foretold in the spirit of prophecy, Angels are teaching heathen nations and the Muslim world about the Seventh Day Adventist truth. Now is the time to speak up as soon as the Holy Spirit moves us to do so. It won't be long…..we are standing on the brink of eternity…

    February 11, 2013 at 3:50 AM
  3. AC #

    Did you read my post Mr. Davis, my message is clear:

    I sent this to David Sessions, he is the one using Christianity, any social benefit is merely & secondary to speaking The Truth!

    January 14, 2013 at 8:45 AM
  4. Rick #

    I don't think you can stand up peacefully to fight this. We have to do whatever is necessary even if it means pulling the trigger ourselves to fight for our belief. We should have no fear knowing that we will go to the father if we die; we should have the same faith like the muslims do; willing to die for our belief in the one true God – Jesus Christ.

    January 14, 2013 at 7:28 AM
  5. Mr Davis #

    AC# we are commanded to live quiet and peacable lives in all subjection to the authorities that be and in all reverence. This is not the moral activism preached from todays pulpits which cares nothing of repentance of sins and salvation in Christ alone.

    Marie# I love your heart in what you have said. Absolutly we are not addressing sin or what sin is, in our so called christian gatherings. Nor are we exercising the body of Christ as we are also commanded to do when we gather. These things would have prevented this culture in America from being shreaded apart like water soden tissue.

    As you said the institutions man has established have been given into the hand of the enemy. In whoese leaders even now are blinded by the spirit of lawlessness which is even now at work in the children of disobedience. You have already indicted what is the proof of that work. Do not preach the truth & Do not put into practice what is written in his word without laying aside any part of it.

    And it is right to say the church is not an institution but a living body of Christ, the very extention of Christ Himself, walking in unity with the Holy Spirit, all working together, moving all as one toward one common Goal to Glorify Christ through the laying aside of our own wills to do His will, which, if we do not, will prevent our obedience to Christ because our very will are contrary to the Holy Spirit. Gal 5:17 This must be our foremost prayer. That He work in us to this end, that we loath our self will and our desire for self preservation, self identity.

    OH that our lives be closed up in CHRIST, lost in HIM, HIDDEN in HIM, completely and utterly consumed so that it really is no longer I that live but Christ who lives within me. He it is who made us and established us to be to and for His Glory.

    Praise the Christ all you His creation. Praise the Lamb who was slain was dead and behold now He lives forever and ever. He is the KING of KINGs and He will judge all things for what sort they are: every sin is disobedince, rebellion and High treason, mutiny against the Most High GOD. What do you think your end will be if Christ Himself has not aquitted you? If you have not been aquitted by HIM beg for His forgiveness and mercy and wait, depserate for the responce from His own lips for He will testify to those who are His that He himself has done this. They will not need any man tell them this has happened and He, the Christ by the Holy Spirit will instruct them of God and lead them into obedience. This is His promise!

    January 14, 2013 at 3:10 AM
  6. Marie #

    Thank-You Mr. Davis for your Biblical insight. I praise our LORD Jesus Christ for you, although I do not know you personally, He knows you and your heart. "Praise God in His santuary, Praise Him in His mighty expanse." Psalm 150. And you are absolutely correct in stating that our LORD was crucified and is risen for the soul of every man, not for the physical body of any man….."fFor we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." I am so thankful that you recognize what is going on in our society today, here in America and around the world.

    I have belonged to a few churches; I will refer to them as the religious institutions of man because that is exactly what they are: of man. The LORD Himself has called us out of religious Babylon to speak and preach the Gospel of our Risen Savior to all who will hear….and then minister the full counsel of God once they choose to follow Him rather than the ways of man. Most of our society claims to be Christian, meaning a follower of Jesus Christ, is that not what the word "Christian" means? Since God, the Holy Spirit has led me out of mans' religious system, I have pondered many questions and have gone back to the Word of God in finding the answers to these questions. I will share a few of my questions; "Why is it in church that no one speaks of what Jesus has done for them and how the Holy Spirit is teaching them the wonders of His truth…..anotherwards, outside the relgious service, the name of Jesus is NEVER mentioned amongst so called believers? Why is it that fellowship includes gossiping, slander, back biting, jealousy, boasting and bragging about the wonders of ourselves, hateful remarks designed to kill your spirit, criticism, condemnation, and false accusations? Rare is the fellowship that builds one up in the teachings of Christ, for He came to give us liberty and set us free from the bondage of man to do His will, not our own. Why do believers, once they depart from their church buildings, look and behave just like the rest of the world…..why do religious hearts mimic so called "unbelievers" hearts? Why do people take better care of their religious buildings rather than nurture and feed the hearts and minds of man with the glorious words from the Bible (I believe that is called edification)? Why do churches beg for money to spend on their elaborate buildings and all of the blasphemous icons to go in it, when we as believers are called to take care of the "least of these" meaning people….are they're honest people struggling to pay bills, support their children, needing a kind, empathic ear to listen rather than sending them to the roots of pagan pshchology? Why are church goers so religious on Sundays as if there is no sin in them, then on Mondays they are a swearing and a cursing, talking dirty, thinking hateful things against their neighbor and spreading lies about them to all who will hear….etc. (We all are familiar with this system…it is called "sin" which is rarely acknowledged)? I have attended several 'Bible" studies in which we rarely opened our Bibles, but were much more interested in the gossip, thus becoming disgusting busy bodies.

    So I will say this, not in propecy, but from a personal observation. Our churches are already in alignment with the church system during the time of rising nationalism, or Nazism. God is allowing satan to do his work of darkness and man if falling prey to the deceptions because the church has made the conscious decision to not preach the truth, and the church attendees have made the concious decision to not read and ask God, the Holy Spirit, to teach them in preparing their hearts for eternal life. This process takes time and work, and endless prayer to know Jesus and His Word, it does not come easy.

    It is not just abortion, or gay marriage (two of the darling issues of the religious right) that we are warring against. Have you ever sat in a church where the message of the day is "God hates divorce….divorce has destroyed the institution of marriage far more than gay rights up to this point." Or perhaps another message "Lusting is the same as committing adultry." How about, "Congregation, while you are condemning gays, how many of you had sex before marriage, touched inappropriately, or rightly divided any issues of purity before you entered your marriage bed." Or "Your neighbor had an abortion before their conversion, how is your heart today, "Did not Jesus say that if you hated your neighbor, that is the same as murder?" And how many of us have hated in our hearts….hmmm.

    In today's society, there is no conviction of sin, thus church goers do not repent or turn away from such sin and the hearts of men have hardened to Christ, His teaching and His leading. Persecution has already come and is alive and well, not only from the so called secular world, but even in greater abounds from the religious systems of men. They play church but hate God's teaching.

    And if we are called to die for Jesus Christ, then so be it. I pray that Jesus Himself will give us that strength to suffer for Him with His love, mercy, grace, and peace, so that others will see and believe that Jesus is still alive in His called out ones today.

    January 13, 2013 at 4:01 AM
  7. Mr Davis #

    Mike I'm not writing this to you, but to those who are grasping at a notion that if they are focusing on the Gospel that somehow they will fall short of the High calling we have in Christ.

    Jesus Christ didn't die for your physical body, personal rights or your comforts. He died for your soul!

    He who created you has a right to require you lay down your life for Him. So it should not seem unreasonable for Him to say

    He who does not lay down His life for me is not worthy of me! And If you seek to save this life you will lose it and yet if you lose this life you will find it.

    Looks to me we hate to do this for we certainly are afraid of persecution or any loss of our personal rights. We tremble at the thought. We would rather fight a fight that isn't worth fighting. I say this because in reality any freedom apart from Christ is an illusion. And if Christ be in us He has freed us from this body of death.

    Christ Jesus Himself has given this creation into the hand of the Prince of Darkness and Powers of the Air. And it will follow after him. Read revelation 13. For those who say this is yet to come are ignorant to the persecuted Church prevalent in the world today. He did this so we would learn to no longer look to the things of this world which we long to lust after.

    How long will we be torn between to opinions. Serve Christ or Serve the World and fight for the things of the world which you long to lust after. Go get em! Surely in that will be your salvation.

    If you believe this attitude is an attitude of inactivity, you do not yet know what it means to walk in the Gospel of Christ Jesus who laid down His very life for His enemies which we ourselves once were. If a Holy Perfect Righteous God did that for me, what do I think myself better than Him that I should not go and do likewise? Am I more righteous than He.

    I am not saying I have somehow abtained this or even that I myself walk according to this rule, but knowing this I realize how far short of the mark I myself have come.

    The Law of the Lord is Perfect. Therefore, you cannot choose a part here and a part there as is suitable to you. Consider the Lord's whole counsel and consider how you may stop making excuses for your sins and thereby prevent your own repentance.

    May God bless you which all Spiritual Blessings and build you up in the knowledge of Christ that you may walk according to His rule. Amen!

    January 11, 2013 at 4:35 AM
  8. Nicely done. The American Middle Class gun owner stands as firewall, an implicit militia. Only a draconian move could remove guns from these tens of millions of law abiding citizens and such a move would no be tolerated by the American people. Only a strong delusion could change this. On the matter of standing up, evil never sleeps, and every time the church does sleep, evil spreads its tentacles. The church has been sleeping a long time in certain matters in this country. The shortest path to persecution now is for the church to wake up and unite morally and economically against mother forces of sin in our land. As the writer to the Hebrews said, we have not yet resisted to the point of the shedding of blood in our fight against sin. Nevertheless, open persecution is coming to America, persecution of those who have the Spirit and obey Him. Theologians will abound as they did in Germany, but look at Bonhoeffer. Was it his knowledge that motivated or His love for God and others, and his love of the truth, all these things are shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

    God bless.

    January 11, 2013 at 4:15 AM