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News and other odds and ends

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Today on Stand Up For The Truth, we dig deep into the news headlines of the day to share some interesting developments through the lens of our faith.

You’re going to hear about ten EU foreign ministers participating in a “study group for the future of Europe” aim to exert pressure to transform the EU into a federation along the lines of the US.

In news from the Emergent front, Tony Jones is back at it again, telling people, “I Think Your Atonement Might Be Wrong” and basically denying the substitutionary atonement of what Jesus did on the Cross: Fully pardon our sins.

The Massachusetts Department of Education says that boys and girls who identify as the opposite sex now are allowed to use whichever school bathroom and locker room they feel most comfortable in,

And a Texas lawmaker is launching an investigation after a teacher reportedly invited female students to dress up in Islamic garb and then told her classroom they should call Muslim terrorists – freedom fighters.

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2 Responses to “News and other odds and ends”

  1. Donna #

    I am not sure this pertains to what you were talking about today, but I guess I am just very discouraged. I listen to several discernment ministries each day and there are many problems talked about, but not much in the way of solutions. I have to pull myself away and remember who is in control. Obviously, this country is under God's judgment and no wonder. I read an excellent article yesterday and would like to share. It actually reminded me of what I already knew, but it was still a good reminder. I don't know anything about this man, but the article was worth the read. http://www.raptureforums.com/forum/prophecy-end-t… Thank you.

    February 27, 2013 at 7:34 AM