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They loved the darkness

Dark Red Moon RoseToday’s news headlines can easily leave Christ Followers with a sense of despair and shock over just how dark our world is becoming by the day.

Amid the headlines of wars and rumors of wars in the middle east, we’ve got Christian organizations using Jesus’ name to defend attending sex toy conferences; we’ve got a new video game that helps players eliminate the obstacles that get in the way of eliminating babies in the womb. And we’ve got a well-known super-mega-pastor bringing Oprah Winfrey’s New Age theology into his conference – and blasting other critics or anyone who questions his wisdom.  We’re going to cover those stories and ask:

If there is just one issue that the visible Church could take on, what do you think it would it be?


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One Response to “They loved the darkness”

  1. Mj #

    The one issue the Church needs to "take a stand on" is the Bible. The world and many Christians are either confused or easily misled because they do not read or study the Bible regularly. And those of us who do know the Bible are not taking the time to lead a Bible study or sit with a friend and study the Bible. So people are blown and tosssed by the seas of cultural opinion as well as the schemes of Satan to destroy faith. We must agree the Bible is the inerrant Words of God, to be fully trusted And obeyed. We must salt our conversation with scripture and Jesus Christ. We must, to save a lost world, agree that the Bible — and only the Bible — is the rock on which we stand.

    August 29, 2013 at 3:13 PM