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Amy is co-host and blogger for both Stand Up for the Truth and Naomi's Table, two ministries that give her the opportunity to write and talk about Jesus all day long. She has written, produced and broadcast in the realm of television and radio news, magazine business journals and marketing materials. She continues her freelance work as a writer and social media consultant.

Emergent, convergent apathy in the church

Syringe 5 with drops.Why does it seem that local church leaders rarely get behind a Christian event unless it is either their idea, or at their church?

I am seeing a tremendous apathy within Christianity, and it is a symptom of a major illness sweeping through local churches. Other symptoms include the apparent paranoia and/or insecurity and self-centeredness of many in leadership. I’m going to share my thoughts coming up a little later.

In our first segment, someone who knows full well the symptoms of many of the sicknesses the Church has suffered over the past several decades of our post-modern era.

Chris Quintana is senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Cypress in California. Chris has a love for Bible Prophecy and sees the modern church’s move away from historic Christianity as a indicator of the the last days. Chris also leads Rapture Ready Radio, a two-hour program heard around the world every night of the week.

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  1. Delores Hakala #

    I am so glad to see the Truth about the decrease of what God (the Creator of Heaven and Earth) wants. God bless the work our Father has given so people can really find the Truth and be set free from all the false teachers and watering down of God's Holy Word and adding to it and taking away His very Words…….I so pray for open ears and eyes to see the Truth and be set free to follow Jesus Christ..

    October 22, 2013 at 8:08 AM Reply

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