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Keeping our youth from "evolving" their truth

evolution-student-1We know that one of the most worrying statistics for Christian parents is what happens to their children when they graduate high school and go to college.

The latest statistics tell us a huge majority of college students fall away from their beliefs, thanks in part to professors who aren’t shy about their agenda to break these Freshmen of their parents’old-fashioned religion. They’ll often use philosophy or social sciences courses about tolerance or evolution to do that. How do we prevent that?

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Later on we will meet Jay Seegert, co-founder and principal lecturer with the Creation Education Center. He is the author of a great resource book titled Let There Be Light.

First, joining us in studio is Jacob Kumpher is campus minister at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, and has a ministry called His House Christian Fellowship, a ministry that dedicated to helping students and faculty with discipleship so that this falling away doesn’t happen. You can connect with Jacob here.

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One Response to “Keeping our youth from "evolving" their truth”

  1. Matthew #

    It is so tiring reading all the posts on this webpage about "indoctrination" in school, or professor's anti-religion "agenda" How about parent's keeping their children in a Christian "bubble" that keeps them from seeing life outside of Church or having friends that are not Christian or the home-schooling families that shelter their kids from real life being at the core of the issue? It's always easier to point the finger.

    I saw many 'kids' enter college and totally freak out because they were never exposed to real life. They were never told about making hard decisions when it comes to girls, or drinking. In many cases (depending on the Church) they never saw anyone openly fail at something in life or struggle with sin. They were never told that if they make a bad decision, which usually happens at some point, that they will be forgiven. That in these instances, they need to run toward Christ, not away. Guilt is a major factor here people!

    What do you do with your children to help them better understand the world we live in? Do you talk to them about failure? About forgiveness? About compassion for their fellow students? About acceptance and redemption?

    If you teach your children to be more Christ like in this world, and less "Christian", you will see that they stay strong in their faith. They show more love more often, they are quicker to forgive, and support friends who fall. These are the people I want representing Jesus to the un-saved. Not some ultra- elitist that thinks their sin does not reek of the same death that mine does.

    November 25, 2013 at 12:05 PM