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Amy is co-host and blogger for both Stand Up for the Truth and Naomi's Table, two ministries that give her the opportunity to write and talk about Jesus all day long. She has written, produced and broadcast in the realm of television and radio news, magazine business journals and marketing materials. She continues her freelance work as a writer and social media consultant.

Which "Jesus" is calling? An interview with Warren Smith

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Today we are asking:  Can going into a meditative silence help us actually hear the voice of Jesus?

Many people are attempting to hear the voice of our Savior speaking to them, thanks to a wildly popular book franchise you probably have heard of. The “Jesus Calling” book was written nearly a decade ago by author Sarah Young, who practiced a contemplative prayer method and actually heard a voice speak to her. She wrote down everything the voice told her to and published her first book which has now sold over 9 million copies and is ranked #1 on the Wall Street Journal Non Fiction Bestseller list. It’s product list includes books for women, teens, a children’s version, calendars, devotionals and even a smart phone app.

We have some concerns that many people are turning to their own experiences over the real Truth that God promises can be found in the Scriptures.

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With us today is Warren Smith, a frequent guest on Stand Up For The Truth. Warren has just finished writing his newest book, “Another Jesus” Calling: How False Christs are Entering the Church through Contemplative Prayer.”

Warren spent many years in the New Age practicing the very types of spiritual exercises put forth by Contemplative Prayer proponents. He knows full well that not every experience is from God but in fact can be from familiar, seducing spirits.

You can order a copy via Lighthouse Trails Publishing. 


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3 Responses to “Which "Jesus" is calling? An interview with Warren Smith”

  1. mk #

    I think Warren B. Smith was very articulate, and also well researched in addressing the very popular "Jesus Calling" devotional(s) by Sarah Young. I will recommend this to as many people as I can.

    The great thing is, that Warren Smith always uses the Bible to "test all things" , and by doing so I have learned so much from him, and have been encouraged to do the same.

    Almost a year ago I came upon various discernment articles/reviews regarding "Jesus Calling" and soon after that I discarded the two devotionals I had by Sarah Young. I can now reflect back, and see how easily deceived I was with the allure of Sarah Young's devotionals which were basically feeding into an "emotional and experiential Christianity", and although this did send up some red flags I just couldn't put my finger on it until coming upon the initial discernment articles. I'm so grateful for you all and those like Warren who work tirelessly to inform and equip Christians to be discerning, and to understand how vital it is to read and study God's Word daily.

    November 19, 2013 at 10:52 AM Reply
  2. I value the work of Warren Smith and Lighthouse Trails highly; they're useful and respected servants of God. But nobody's perfect. Warren Smith sounds like someone who has had new age experience, but no real charismatic experience. If he had ever received a prophetic word, word of knowledge, revelation, tongue and interpretation, I'm sure he wouldn't call it "channeling." It's nothing like channeling or automatic writing. If he doubts ALL verbal communication from Jesus through His indwelling Spirit, then he's the one in error. Those of us who have received such communications make no claim that such revelation can displace, correct, or complete Scripture. Far from it: We try to "test all things and hold fast what is good." These communications are to individuals or groups for up-building, comfort, encouragement, consolation (I Cor. 14:3) or by way of "revelation or knowledge or prophecy or teaching" (14:6). That's what I take Jesus Calling to be. Scripture trumps every experience, of course; but a person with experience is not at the mercy of another's opinion or interpretation. Take for example, the statement: "Laugh about the future," which Smith sees as new-age. I've often said, "the future belongs to me because I belong to Christ." We can be enormously cheerful about the long-term future, though the immediate and near future are ominous and bleak. Lighthouse Trails is sending me a copy of Smith's book, which I'll examine fairly, but judging from Smith's haste in taking things in their worst light, I don't expect to decide that this is a "channeled" book, like the new-age works. My wife is a discerning, orthodox, Scripture-savvy lady who has been blessed through the years by, first God Calling, and now Jesus Calling. We've found questionable things in the books, but mostly gems of spiritual (true spiritual) insight. Anything that claims to be from God must be scrutinized VERY carefully: even the true prophets in Corinth had to be tested: "Let the prophet speak, and let the others discern" (14:29). I'm afraid my tentative opinion of this book is that it should never have been written. But I plan to give it a fair hearing, which is (I'm afraid) more than Warren Smith has given Jesus Calling. If a new age deceiver has call it a "channeled book," what is that to me? If the book really were from God, why wouldn't Satan wish to discredit it by claiming it as his own? A watchdog tends to bark at everything that moves, often when there's nothing really there. Still, we have to check to see what he's barking at. That's why I'll read Smith's book–just in case he really has detected and intruder. I hope Brother Warren hasn't invested so much into writing this book, that he isn't open to criticism or to possibly changing his mind. This would be a good opportunity for a clarification of just what he believes about charismatic gifts for today.

    Blessings and loving respect


    November 26, 2013 at 3:59 AM Reply
  3. Catherine Burke #

    I have been a Christian for over 30 years. I've witnessed a great deal during that time, including the Roman Catholic Charismatic Movement and charismatic services at Assemblies of God. I have attended Baptist, Weslyan, and CMA churches as well. I, too, have heard from Jesus but NEVER in the way described here! I recently received a "devotional" in my email. It greatly disturbed my spirit. Then I noticed the author was Sarah Young. I had never read any of her writings. I've read books from Lighthouse Trails and other discernment ministries. They are right on target! Be not deceived, your enemy roams around seeking whom he may devour! Just because someone says he/she believes Jesus is the Son of God does not mean their writings are true. Remember the demon-possessed woman who followed Paul shouting that he and Silas spoke of the way to salvation! Acts 16:16-18. Experience does not trump the hard work of searching and studying God's Word. It can be true, but must be approached with awe and never, ever replace Scripture. Personally, I believe it is spiritual milk to be weaned from very quickly in one's walk. The very fact that there is so much discussion about these books should be a red flag in itself. We truly do live in perilous spiritual times and Satan is extremely clever. One of his tricks is always mixing in just enough truth to make people think his ideas are valid. If you have to stop and analyze a "Christian" book, movie, etc, that much I say leave it alone.

    January 1, 2014 at 12:01 PM Reply

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