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Girl Scouts Hire Lesbian as Chief ‘Girl Experience Officer’

Krista Kokjohn-Poehler

Krista Kokjohn-Poehler

Via Breitbart News:

As millions of moms consider digging into pocketbooks for Girl Scout cookies this year, they may be interested to know about the hiring of Krista Kokjohn-Poehler in the Girl Scouts executive office in New York City.

Kokjohn-Poehler is an out lesbian married to a woman named Ashley Kokjohn. And, given her sexual preference, it may strike some as odd that her job title is “Girl Experience Officer.”

Her hiring five months ago was largely missed by the coterie of Girl Scout critics around the country who make the claim that the Girl Scouts have drifted leftward in the past 20 years.

San Diego Magazine featured Kokjohn-Poehler’s 2007 commitment ceremony: “Like many of the best love stories, this one began with a beautiful friendship. Krista Poehler and Ashley Kokjohn were immediately drawn to each other when they met in college, and spent countless hours discussing family, life goals and much more.”

“The brides were radiant in formal white gowns; their parents wore black, and the bridesmaids wore taupe. The couple exchanged matching diamond eternity bands an dread vows they wrote themselves, then their parents joined the bridal party and surrounded them in a ‘circle of love.’” Ashley called it beautiful, spiritual and perfect.

According to her LinkedIn profile, as “Chief Girl Experience Officer,” Kokjohn-Poehler will “serve as the chief of girl innovation and be the expert on and organizational voice for girls. Lead the “Girl Experience” team in efforts to take insights from marketplace data and collaborate internally and externally to drive program innovation.”

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The main charge leveled by Girl Scout critics concerns the leftward drift of the Girl Scouts, which was founded along conservative religious principles. The leftward drift began in the early ’90s when God was made optional in the Girl Scout promise. This precipitated the founding of American Heritage Girls and the first widespread exit from the Girl Scouts.

In the ensuing years, social liberals insinuated themselves into national leadership of the Girl Scouts so that now it is unremarkable when they feature and promote women who are offensive to the sensibilities of hundreds of thousands of traditional-minded moms, including: Betty Friedan; Gloria Steinem; Hillary Clinton; Kathleen Sibelius, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services and chief promoter of the Obamacare contraceptive mandate; and Wendy Davis, advocate for late term abortions.

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2 Responses to “Girl Scouts Hire Lesbian as Chief ‘Girl Experience Officer’”

  1. Girl Tip #12 sounds a lot like Dad Tip #1 in my family.

    April 10, 2014 at 11:56 PM
  2. Rik #

    There's a guy I work with who's a born again Christian very involved in his church. His wife serves as the head of the local girl scouts troop in which his 2 daughters are part of. He recently took a day off to unload palates of cookies and bought what was left of a partial palette. I just stood there and nodded my head unsure of what to say. I would imagine their particular local chapter is fine but you see what the leadership is about. These are the 'gray areas' when dealing with others who have different opinions outside of core christian principles where we really need The Holy Spirit to give us wisdom on how to address if at all.

    March 1, 2014 at 3:16 PM