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Rob Bell’s Ambiguity, Wedding Cakes, and ESPN Politics

It’s not surprising to see people attack the deity of Jesus Christ and the truth of Scripture in today’s postmodern, secular society. It’s not even surprising to see attacks on Christians and discrimination at many levels. What is disappointing and tragic however, is to see the worldliness and deception creep right into many churches across the country.

Deceivers such as Rob Bell don’t just show up and start preaching blatant heresy; they gradually begin to seduce unsuspecting believers to distrust, minimize and worst case scenario – to deny the gospel and the person of Jesus Christ as sovereign Lord and God. He is our final authority, but not so with the emergent, people-pleasing church. So there had to be a path paved and Scripture had to be diluted and the gospel watered down or many Christians would not have fallen for so many false teachings.

We touch on Bell’s new book, the religious freedom issue and Supreme Court case involving Christian bakery owner, Jack Phillips, and the leftist leanings of progressive sports network, ESPN.

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Next Stage of Rebellion: Normalizing Pedophilia

Most people forget the American Psychological Association (APA) in 1973 removed homosexuality from the DSM-2 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) due to pressure from gay activists. Will they do the same with pedophilia? 

And just a few years ago the American Psychological Association even launched a task force designed to remove the “stigma” associated with polygamy, even going so far to give the lifestyle its own politically correct term – “consensual non-monogamy.”

The earliest Gay Pride parades included NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) members who later were prevented from marching. For years there have been efforts to erase age of consent laws, a goal of the LGBTQ+ platform since the 1970s. 

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Psychology, Mental Illness; and Life Matters/Robia Scott Interview

In our first segment, we discuss counseling from a Christian perspective. Studies show an increasing percentage of Americans battle depression and mental illness.  Along with skyrocketing suicide rates among young people and middle age men, we are in the midst of an epidemic that is affecting millions of people.

In our third segment, David and Mike interview Robia Scott who starred in the sensational movie Unplanned!  She shares her journey from being a professional dancer and actress to becoming a pro-life, born-again believer in Jesus Christ as well as some of the challenges the movie faced in coming to theaters in North America.

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