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The Thud of Silence

“You know, our message is about lifting people up, helping them fulfill their destiny, helping them to forgive in a tough time, how to make it through this life when life tries to push you down.” – Joel Osteen on why he avoids controversial issues, like sin, wrath, repentance… No, we’re not calling J-O a […]

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Socialism isn’t a “right-wing” issue

Free health care sounds like such a great idea, doesn’t it? But there are huge ramifications for Christians. We can talk about coverage for unbiblical practices now – like abortion and sex change operations, but that’s just the beginning. Wait until socialized medicine is free. What happens when the government can’t fund coverage for the […]

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Bill Hybels: Coffee With God

Does God like dark roast or medium blend?  This is what happens when we allow the seeker model to disciple seekers. Or maybe it’s the chair.  God puts thoughts in your mind when you have the right chair, and you’ll feel His presence for sure. Tips for viewing this new slick flick from Bill Hybels: […]

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Losing relationships over biblical truth

Has your family been divided over the legalization of same-sex marriage? Many have paid an enormous price for standing on God’s Word as truth. Some are wondering if they are putting a stumbling block of confusion if they bake a cake for a gay wedding, or photograph a celebration of a wedding or new baby […]

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PR ChristianNewswire

Faith-Based Crisis Management Firm Helps Pastors “Come Out”

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision to make same-sex marriage the law of the land, a few strong pastors are making biblical public statements affirming God’s Word in the matter, and taking a stand based on what He says rather than what the world says. If your church or ministry hasn’t done that […]

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Our Board of Directors on Supreme Court Decision on Homosexual Marriage

Our Board of Directors on Supreme Court Decision on Homosexual Marriage

Lakeshore Communications, Inc d.b.a. Q90 FM, is saddened by the Supreme Court decision last week legalizing homosexual marriage in the United States. As Christians committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and believing that the Bible is the inerrant, eternally true and sufficient Word of God, we believe that homosexuality—or any sexual act outside of […]

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Facebook is helping users - colorize their profile pictures to celebrate Gay Pride. Many professed Christians are joining in.

Same sex marriage: where do Christians go from here?

Couple of questions for today’s program: 1. Should Christian leaders/pastors have a responsibility to respond to legalized homosexual marriage, stating how they will respond if pressured to endorse or perform a same-sex wedding? 2. How are we engage with and respond to professing Christians who are joining in the celebration of “Gay Pride?” Today’s Episode: […]

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Supreme Court: Gay Marriage is now the Law of the Land

Will the real pastors please stand up? Five unelected judges have spat in God’s face and declared war on marriage and family. This is now full-on open warfare. God have mercy on America and the world. Link to the story here. Berean Research has this White Paper with excellent resources for you and your church.

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Bidel Torez Valley Harvest

More holy laughter and “slain” bodies” to infect Northeast Wisconsin

Once again we need to warn our local audience about an event coming to Valley Harvest Church in Neenah, Wis., a signs-and-wonders (think gold dust, manna from the ceiling, glory clouds), conference hotspot for past speakers like Todd Bentley, Patricia King, Joshua Mills and many others. More on that in a moment. First, you’re probably […]

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A sneaky little letter shows how the LGBTQ is ministering to kids

A few days ago, a local listener to our radio station shared an email that demonstrates our tax dollars hard at work, pushing the homosexual agenda on our youngest citizens. She shared her concern and alarm in this email: I don’t know why it continues to stun me, seeing how far into the gutter our […]

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Order matters

Often times we can get things out of order, but God’s Word tells us that order matters.  For example, we in our flesh can often go to our default thinking that God will love us if we obey Him.  But is that true?  Or did Jesus tell us that if we love Him we will […]

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Following movements and the fear of God

Do you follow the latest conference trends, book author, celeb pastor or social campaigns? There are many of them trending right now, and for a nice fee you can keep up on the cutting-edge coolness of Christian modernity. It’s attractive. We’ve all done it. And as a body of Christ, we’ve paid a heavy price […]

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Evangelicals and Truth: The Mass Exodus

What happens when Evangelicals depart from the long-held doctrine that the Scriptures are authoritative, inerrant and sufficient? It’s been happening for many years now, and we’re seeing the consequences in the modern church as many celebrity pastors are leading their flocks in a stampede away from the truth of God’s Word. This, plus racially- and […]

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“Where are my comments?”

If you’ve been commenting on our posts but can’t see your comments, or if you receive a message telling you that your comments are being instantly deleted, I promise it’s not me doing it. Yes, sometimes it takes me a few hours to get to the moderation queue, but I do my best to find […]

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How Should A Christian Live In A Culture Given Over To A Depraved Mind?

Posted by Christine Pack at Sola Sisters and reprinted with permission Before I was born again, I had a number of homosexual friends, and for some reason, I often ended up being a sympathetic ear for them. This was before homosexuality was accepted as normal, as it is today, and many of them expressed to […]

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The light of Hope: As our culture blackens…

Christians, how do you survive a cultural crisis? Joining us this morning at 9am Central is author Scott Alan Buss, a frequent guest and one of our writers on Stand Up For The Truth. Scott’s articles are also on his Fire Breathing Christian website. Scott’s books include, Fire Breathing Christians, Apathetic Christianity, and The Beginning of […]

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Uniting Religions for Global Change?

Did you know that “Mother Earth” is just waiting for us to hear that we love her, and give her a prayer of gratitude?  In fact, you might consider performing your own water ritual – privately of course – that will bring you closer to Mother Earth than ever before.  Good grief, that sounds like […]

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World Religions

Uniting Religions for World Change

There is a Christian interfaith movement that is gaining speed around the world. Among the rock star Evangelical organizations: The Tony Blair Foundation, Sojourners, Saddleback’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan, the National Association of Evangelicals, and the Luis Palau Evangelist Ministries. Our Stand Up For The Truth guest Carl Teichrib alerts us to the hand-holding going on in […]

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Michael Gungor’s “Liturgists” Group Charging 100 People $300 to Question Christian Doctrine

The role model in the Christian music scene who doesn’t believe that the book of Genesis is true, the guy who claims Jesus was not quite being honest with his disciples (or perhaps was mistaken) about the accounts of Noah, Jonah, the flood, Adam and Eve and other Scripture verses our Lord quoted, is among […]

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Darren Calhoun, Willow Creek worship leader

Openly gay Willow Creek leader to speak at Matthew Vines’ conference

Kicking off today in Atlanta is the Reformation Project conference designed to train and equip leaders to advocate for homosexual Christians. Among those leading: an openly gay worship leader from Willow Chicago, a satellite campus of the well-known Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Ill., pastored by Bill Hybels. The worship leader, Darren Calhoun, […]

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