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Does the Origin of Man Really Matter?

How you understand origins will set the framework for understanding Scripture. Jay Seegert joins us today.

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Deliver Us From Doctrine: Social Justice “Christianity”

A look at the Justice Conference and how the message from Jim Wallis, Father Pfleger and Tony Campolo is an injustice on young Christians everywhere.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Pastor Randy White takes a look at books being written about dying, going to heaven, and coming back. Leaving a church should only be done for…

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So ‘Global’ Isn’t Always A Good Thing?

A fascinating discussion on the coming One World Government with Gary Kah on today’s program.

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War is Upon Us – Whether We Want it or Not

One more note of interest: Mike is back! We check in with Robert Meyer of Renew America on today’s program.

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The Battle over Religious Freedom Heats Up

Confusion, corruption, and chaos abounds. Brad Dacus shares Biblical insights in how to live right in such a godless society.

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What Will Get Us Out of Our Comfort Zone?

Our prayer is for Christians to hear. Elijah Abraham gives an important perspective on world events.

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Cutting Through the Confusion

Dave Wager and Jeff Strommen discuss how Christian parents can equip their children with a foundation of truth.

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God’s Truth vs. Government & Gender Agendas

Is Christianity a barrier to progress? Pastor Saiko Woods joins us today for a thought-provoking discussion of the so-called ‘culture wars.’

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Battling Cultural Lies, Knowing the True God

It is not loving or compassionate to stay silent.

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Are Government Leaders Really ‘Fighting for the People’?

A conversation with William Murray on his new book, Utopian Road to Hell.

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Are We Ignoring History?

Where we are now is where persecution always begins. A conversation with Pastor Carl Gallups.

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Don’t Forget Local & State Issues

Paul Tittl and John Macco discuss the importance for Christians to be informed and vote.

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Exposing Evangelical White Lies

Let’s face it. Today, Pastor Mike Abendroth sits down to talk about his new book.

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