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Rising Tensions Between Christians and Muslims

Elijah Abraham offers his insight for resolution.

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Can The Truth Be Heard In A Room Full Of Doubters?

We often seem to lack the ability to defend the scriptures and explain them to lost people. Jay Seegert joins us the program today.

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Living A Narrow Life

Can God love you more than He does right now? A discussion with Dave Wager and Jeff Strommen.

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Giving Our Lunch Money to the Bullies

In Philadelphia, a police officer gets ambushed by a radical Muslim. European officials are downplaying the role of Islam after dozens of sexual assaults. When will we wake up to reality?

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Being Prepared For the Worst

Now’s not the time to give up. Carl Gallups joins us today.

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The Most Influential People of 2015

SUFTT listeners share their opinions about who had the most influence in American culture in 2015. Plus, Julaine Appling updates us from Madison.

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A Financial Shaking Knocking at Our Door?

Doug Wakefield joins us today to discuss current economic issues we face. Later, what’s North Korea doing with an H-bomb?

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Is True Religious Freedom a Thing of the Past?

If humanism is the only “religion” that will be welcomed in our society, this will not bode well for us.

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Will 2016 Be The Tipping Point in Our Nation?

Americans are generally an optimistic people. Anita Dittman shares her perspective as a Jewish Holocaust survivor.

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When Truth Becomes Myth

Doubt should challenge us to search deeper, not abandon entirely. Tim Chaffey of Midwest Apologetics and Answers in Genesis joins the program today.

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Big Brother is Watching You

How much privacy do we really have?

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Will Our “Joy” Outlast the Christmas Season?

Studies show that actually depression and suicide are higher in the Christmas season. Don Veinot joins us on the program today.

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Global Governance, Religion, and Socialism

The enemy is infiltrating virtually every human establishment.

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Christmas, Compromise, and Issues of Discernment

Why the lack of peace? Pastor Mike Abendroth joins the program.

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