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Why God May be Ready to Shake America

It’s not what you think. Julaine Appling joins the program today.

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Is Humpty Dumpty About to Fall?

America is $80 trillion dollars in debt with all things considered. Is the Church preparing Christians for the days ahead?

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Preparing for and Facing Adversity as Christians

Running from adversity is running away from God’s will. Dave Wager joins the program today.

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Is America on the Brink of Chaos?

We cannot remain lawless forever. Pastor Saiko Woods joins us on today’s program.

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Halloween, Christ, and Culture

As the world around us becomes darker, Christians are supposed to be the light that points people to Jesus Christ and exposes evil in our culture. With rapidly growing immorality in America, why does it seem like the church is conforming to the pattern of this age rather than influencing culture for Christ? Our children […]

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Uncompromisingly Bold

Dave and I get passionate about some of the issues we cover on SUFTT.

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Every Christian Needs Discernment

Stand Up For The Truth enters its 6th year this December and it’s thanks to the support of this dedicated community.

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Will You Stand With Us?

Stand Up For The Truth enters its 6th year this December and it’s thanks to the support of this dedicated community.

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Sounds Good But Smells Bad

A clean environment, equality for women, social justice for all, income distribution. Something stinks.

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Our Greatest Threat Is Our Greatest Opportunity

Most people still know very little about Islam and the people who call themselves Muslims.

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Christianity and Civil Disobedience

Is there every a right time for such a thing? Robert Meyer of Renew America joins us on today’s program.

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Sharpening Each Other Or Turning Against One Another?

There’s a difference between contending for the faith and throwing another under the bus over minor disagreements.

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If Patience Is A Virtue, Why Do We Lack It?

The answer is simpler than you think. Dave Wager joins us on the program.

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Education or Indoctrination?

Dr. Duke Pesta of Freedom Project Education gives us the very latest in the campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of Common Core.

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