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Sons of God

Unity around what?

The situation between Dr. Jack Van Impe and Trinity Broadcast Network is fascinating, yet very sad.  While it is unfortunate when Christian ministries have to part ways in disagreement, it is something we might just have to get used to. Van Impe believes Pastors like Rick Warren and Robert Schuller are promoting Chrislam and in […]

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Jack Van Impe ministry abandons TBN over Chrislam

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (0.0KB) From World Net Daily: A Christian ministry’s decision to expose as “false teachers” several celebrity ministers it believes are corrupting biblical teachings has prompted a rift, with Jack Van Impe Ministries dropping plans to work in the future with Trinity Broadcasting Network, where it has broadcast for […]

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Tony Blair, David Harris, Rick Warren - World ...

What's the big deal about Rick Warren's alliances?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.8MB) Today we’re talking about some of the controversial issues around America’s pastor, Pastor Rick Warren, and the growing concerns some people have. Over the past few months those concerns from pastors and Christian leaders around the nation have been crescendoing. Are those concerns valid? Download this podcast! […]

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Focusing the scope: a gut check

We love hearing feedback about the show, not because we want to be affirmed – although that is nice – but because we want to improve the show and make sure we are abiding by the vision and scope.   The format of the show is this: We share news and topics that affect our […]

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"7th Graders Forced to Take Graphic Survey on Oral Sex"

Parents are furious to learn this after the fact: School Surveys 7th-Graders on Oral Sex By Todd Starnes Published June 15, 2011 curated via FoxNews.com A middle school in Massachusetts is under fire for requiring children to complete a graphic sex survey — without parental knowledge or consent — that included questions about sexual partners […]

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Casual photo of Dr. Ted Baehr

Entertainment with a higher purpose

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.8MB) Can Christians really influence our entertainment culture in the film industry? Dr. Ted Baehr believes they can!  Baehr is an entertainment industry professional who knows what it takes to make it in Hollywood. He is a committed Christian who knows the pressures and opportunities unique to people […]

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Holiness is what we need

Lately God has me spending a lot of time praying over a message in the Book of Hebrews, Chapters 5 and 6.  The author is chastising believers about their slow progress as followers of Jesus.  Starting in Hebrews 5:12, he says: “In fact though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone […]

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Children Walking on Trail

How "Replacement Theology" is changing the world

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.8MB) Some Christian groups preach that the Church has replaced Israel as God’s chosen people. But Replacement Theology could not be further from what God’s Word actually says. Don’t miss our special guest Laurie Cardoza Moore, founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations(PJTN), a ministry forged to educate Christian […]

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"INTERFAITH: Christians Will Hold Quran Readings to Combat Islamophobia"

That’s an actual news headline promoting an event we’d like you to weigh in on.  This June 26, an organization called Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First is putting on a nation-wide Faith Shared event in churches, synagogues and mosques. Hundreds of Christian churches have signed up to host the event, including two (so far) […]

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Jesus Carrying the Cross. Illustration by El G...

Rejoice In Our Suffering

Hey, I admit it—we cover some news on this show that can get downright depressing sometimes.  Our country turning its back on God more each day; political leaders who seem to lack any principles or good judgment; so-called Christians looking to blend Islam and Christianity.  It could be easy to get down and depressed about […]

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Male mallard.

Standing firm around the world

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.8MB) Another jam-packed show today. First, what do you do when you learn that the Christian rock concert you’re attending features a false teacher as a keynote speaker? What if you’re the sponsor? That’s what happened over the weekend in northern Wisconsin, and we’ll share the challenges of […]

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Real Leaders Stand Up

You know, deception would be easy to spot if it wore a neon sign that said “False teachings here”.  Unfortunately, satan is far too clever for that.  Instead, as scripture says, he often appears as an angel of light—with words that sound good but lead to lies and destruction. Satan tempted Eve with what sounded […]

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Christian rock concert's Keynote in question

We need to share some information we just received late this morning. This weekend there is a conference going on in Manitowoc, Wis.  A popular Christian band, Big Daddy Weave, will be performing on Saturday and many Christians plan on attending. We think it is important to let you know that the Keynote Speaker for […]

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The feet of a tightrope walker.

An uncomplicated faith

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.8MB) Juggling our hectic schedules, trying to squeeze in time for God and striving to do everything our own way…does this sound familiar? As Christians, we tend to make our lives and our faith overly complicated. Our guest today is Patrice Lewis, author of The Simplicity Primer. Patrice […]

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Are Both Feet in the Kingdom?

In Matthew 13:45, Jesus teaches that the Kingdom of God is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.  When he found one of great value, he sold everything he had and bought it.  Everything this merchant owned was worth that one pearl—so he gave it all up so he might have it. I’ve been thinking […]

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Is The Message Bible deceiving Christians?

Found this interesting post about The Message Bible. What is your experience with this popular translation? Does your local church use this? Check out the article: The Message Bible pointing to One World Religion The Message “Bible” is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds, deceiving readers and pointing them towards the new age and a […]

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On naming names: Does the local church get a pass?

People have asked us about why we take the stand that we do, and why we’re not pointing out to people which churches are bringing false teachings into the Body of Christ. How come it is okay to name names when it comes to people like Rob Bell, Rick Warren and others, but the local […]

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Muslim Boy in Sunnyside, Queens

Chrislam and sharing faith with Muslims

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (12.0MB) Can Christianity be blended with Islam to show Muslim followers the true Jesus? This is a highly controversial topic and one that we as Christians definitely want to talk about. Today we continue the second part of our two-podcast series on Chrislam,the movement to bring together two […]

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Lies we've told ourselves about interfaith dialog

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.8MB) Today we begin our two-part series on the movement to bring together two religions and two people groups: Christianity and Islam. On today’s show we discuss a controversial document called A Common Word Between Us, and share some thoughts from the 300+ leaders who’ve endorsed it–as well […]

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How are we connected to God?

Of the hundreds of emails I receive about Stand Up For the Truth, the most common question I get is this:  “What is the single greatest threat to the church these days?”  New Age; Chrislam; social justice; emergent church? Now I think these are all major threats to the Body of Christ.  But they are […]

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