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Has the Gospel been shown the door?

We live in a time when the Good News of Jesus has been increasingly marginalized by The Church. It’s a trend that is very concerning to us. There are those who have either re-shaped the Gospel to mean God loves us as we are, without explaining how He loves us, or they avoid the Gospel […]

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What the Bible says about spiritual blindness

We cannot expect the world to understand or accept the hope of Jesus Christ unless and until their spiritual eyes are opened. Even this statement sounds like foolishness to anyone who doesn’t know Him. The solution to spiritual blindness is the Word of God, and particularly the Gospel, the only message that God promises will […]

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A different Gospel is lulling us to sleep

Today an interesting billboard campaign in Las Vegas where a Christian leader is purchasing space to publish the Ten Commandments. Is that going to help save America? Joseph Farah thinks so, but we’ve got a different take. And then, in our third segment, we’ll talk a little more about pastor Jay Bakker’s version of the […]

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"America needs the Ten Commandments" says Joseph Farah

WND founder Joseph Farah has just launched a national billboard campaign featuring the moral law in Las Vegas. “The goal is two-fold,” Farah says. “I want to prick the consciences of believers and non-believers alike, and I want Americans to see the basis of all our laws as handed down by God at Mount Sinai in […]

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How do we please God?

2 Corinthians 5:9 So whether we are at home or away, we make it our aim to please him. Today we are talking about what pleasing God looks like. Sometimes we think the right amount of money or the most impactful works or even the right amount of time spent in church ministry will be […]

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Four Christians arrested in Libya for spreading the Gospel

Reuters reports this from BENGHAZI, Libya | Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:10pm EST Four foreigners have been arrested in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on suspicion of being Christian missionaries and printing books about Christianity, a security official said on Saturday. “They were arrested on Tuesday at a publishing house where they were printing […]

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Radio Bible Class – "Contemplative, and Proud of it!"

Originally published at Lighthouse Trails blog: Radio Bible Class – “Contemplative, and Proud of it!” “I’ve practiced centering prayer. I’ve contemplatively prayed. I’ve prayed liturgically….I’ve benefited from each, and I still do. In ways you’ll see, elements of each style are still with me.      –Larry Crabb, The Papa Prayer, p.9 In following up our recent […]

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Mary as "Co-redemptrix" with Jesus

Do Catholics teach that Jesus’ mother Mary has a part in mankind’s salvation? It’s important that we examine original sources in their context when making such a claim, and as you will see from the following, the answer is yes. Of course the Bible, God’s breathed out words to us, say just the opposite: That […]

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Discernment isn’t the enemy…

In the Body of Christ, we all have different giftings and skills, and not everyone is passionate about the same ministries, or areas where we serve. And that’s a good thing. We are all different parts of the Body, and we need each other. The Bible says, “The eye cannot say to the hand, “I […]

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A Warning for Contenders

In the case of my former congregation, our pre-supposed love of the Word of God, along with our ignorance of and opposition to nearly every scriptural warning about false doctrine and seducing spirits in the church, left us open to bizarre teachings and practices. As we embraced mysticism, our biblical parameters melted away. Yes, we […]

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Jay Bakker

Pastor Jay Bakker denies Jesus' atonement

“Yes, I am definitely questioning the atonement and trying to discover how we can see it in a different way. We’ve got this image of God who needs some sort of flesh, some sort of blood, that needs some sort of vengeance to pay for sin. My experience of a loving God who’s asked me […]

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Warren Smith: Watering the Greyhound Garden

Today we have a special treat for you, and being Valentine’s day we are doing something just a little different. Our guest today is a long-time friend of Stand Up For The Truth, Warren Smith. You may know Warren from his powerful testimony about how he spent 20 years in the New Age, dabbling in […]

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The Dangerous Time of False Unity

When you blend two or three ingredients together, can you ever un-blend them?  We’ve been reporting this week about the false unity that is changing the face of Christianity as we know it. “The leaven of the Church Growth Movement has now virtually penetrated all of professing Christendom bringing about cries of “peace, peace,” and […]

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The Christian Martyrs

Church underground?

We’re seeing the persecution of Christians around the world increase at a stunning rate.  How close are we to seeing Christianity forced under ground in the west, here at home? Should we resist it or not? We know what you must be thinking: “You’re just fear-mongering. That’s not going to happen in our nation.” But […]

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