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Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first c...

'Bullying' just a front for pushing agenda

A pro-family activist is taking to task a prominent homosexual-rights group for camouflaging its true agenda behind the banner of “bullying” in public schools. via onenewsnow.com Look beyond the headlines of school bullying and see what the real agenda of the NEA and progressives is…

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Anti abortion rally in Washington, D.C. Decemb...

Leading Pro-Life Wisconsin

Joining our show today is Steve Karlen, Pro-Life Wisconsin’s Director of Development. Steve and his wife Laura have been leaders in causes such as Vigil for Life of Madison, Our Lady of Hope Clinic, and especially Pro-Life Wisconsin’s successful derailment of the late-term abortion facility at the Madison Surgery Center. Download this episode http://media.blubrry.com/standupforthetruth/p/standupforthetruth.com/files/2011/02/Stand-Up_02-03-11.mp3 Podcast: Play […]

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Flag of Egypt

The Real Story in Egypt

The crisis in Egypt and the Middle East is understandably huge news this week.  But is the mainstream media looking at this issue with any wisdom, or are they just spewing their usual rhetoric that is biased and uninformed?  The answer is—business as usual.  They are not taking an historic look at the Middle East […]

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School Choice volunteers

The State of Our Schools

Our first half hour we’re joined by Kyle Olson, founder and CEO of E.A.G. (Education Action Group Foundation), a non-partisan non-profit organization with the goal of promoting sensible education reform and exposing those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Download this episode http://media.blubrry.com/standupforthetruth/p/standupforthetruth.com/files/2011/02/Stand-Up_02-02-11.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.6MB) | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes […]

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Roundy’s/Copps: NARAL donation will not happen again

Here’s the latest from Pro-Life Wisconsin’s blog: “First, wow, that was fast! Merely six days has passed since we posted the list of businesses sponsoring NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin‘s Roe v. Wade celebration, and five days has passed since we asked pro-lifers to contact Roundy’s/Copps regarding their sponsorship. Roundy’s is the corporate parent of Copps and is based in […]

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President George W. Bush and Egyptian Presiden...

An Embroiled Middle East

How are the events unfolding in Egypt going to impact Israel? This morning on our show we’re talking with Keith Davies from the Walid Shoebat Foundation. Walid Shoebat was a former PLO terrorist and is the author of several books including Why I Left Jihad. You might also want to check out his latest book, […]

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A modern Coptic monastery

From Egypt to the Left Coast

  Today we’re talking about The latest news from Egypt and why it’s so important for Christians to follow these developments and pray.  Plus, you won’t want to miss our guest in the first half hour, James Hirsen(jameshirsen.com), a pundit from Newsmax.com and author of the popular weekly column, The Left Coast Report, where he […]

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Pictures that don't lie

Pictures that don't lie

I’ve long been a fan and supporter of local pregnancy resource centers who are showing moms the truth of the life inside of them! Thanks to people who give generously, many of these centers (like WomanKind in Appleton, Wis.), now have state-of-the-art sonogram machines with 2 and 3-D ultrasound images of the precious lives waiting […]

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Anything you need, get it here!!!

Copps: A response and some links

One of our listeners received a response back from Wisconsin-based Copps/Roundy’s grocery stores to her note asking them why they support the pro-abortion group NARAL and Planned Parenthood.   You may have received a similar note:   “Copps and Roundy’s Supermarkets have never made the decision to support either pro-choice or pro-life organizations, events or […]

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Another Wisconsin-based company supporting the abortion industry

Another Wisconsin-based company supporting the abortion industry

From www.prolifewisconsin.org: Pro-lifers, we need your help again! This summer, Kohl’s was put on a boycott list due to its support of Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties [PPOSBC]. After a massive outcry from pro-lifers, Kohl’s stated, in early January of this year, that no support of Planned Parenthood will occur from any level of […]

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Mmmm....cake.  And government info.

Issues of the Day

Today we’re talking about important news this week on faith, politics and local issues. Plus we want to hear your thoughts on Pro Life Wisconsin’s call to stand up for life by connecting with a Wisconsin grocer and making your voice heard. Download this episode http://media.blubrry.com/standupforthetruth/p/standupforthetruth.com/files/2011/01/Stand-Up_01-28-11.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.6MB) | […]

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Albert Wynn and Gloria Feldt at the U.S. Supre...

Blogging For Choice Or Life: When They Say ‘Choice’ What Do They Really Mean?

From http://blatheringsblog.com/: NARAL, the leading pro-abortion advocacy group in the country, has announced their annual ‘Blog for Choice Day,’ in ‘celebration’ of the 38th anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade — a decision that has led to the killing of 50 million pre-born babies in America. ‘Blog for Choice Day’? Sounds ambiguous doesn’t it? Does […]

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WASHINGTON - JANUARY 22:  A pro-life supporter...

Are We Really Pro Life?

This week and next on Stand Up For the Truth, we are discussing the issue of abortion as we remember the anniversary of the most stunning ruling in the history of the Supreme Court—Roe v. Wade.  In a case of judicial insanity, somehow the court ruled that a baby could be murdered for simple convenience.  […]

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Official photo of Congresswoman Michele Bachma...

Bachmann renews call to defund Planned Parenthood

Rep. Michele Bachmann renewed her call to defund Planned Parenthood in an article penned for Human Events, a conservative publication, over the weekend. After the last time she made such a plea — in December — she helped Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota raise $3,000 from supporters. Bachmann, along with fellow Republican […]

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Christ the Saviour (Pantokrator), a 6th-centur...

When He Comes Back…

No one knows the day or the hour, but today’s guest has some interesting insights about end times and biblical prophesy. For our first half hour, special guest Michael Vilardi shares thoughts from his book, The Time of His Coming. We’re also giving away a copy of Abby Johnson’s new book, Unplanned: The Dramatic True […]

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Squeeze If You Feel Pain

Are You A Squishy Christian?

Why are the social justice and emergent church movements “mushy” on the subjects like life, marriage and absolute Truth? Today we’re talking about how we can firm up our stance on tough topics many don’t want to talk about! Plus your emails and news of the day. Download this episode http://media.blubrry.com/standupforthetruth/p/standupforthetruth.com/files/2011/01/Stand-Up_01-26-11.mp3 Podcast: Play in new […]

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Romanian Family

How to Stand Up for Families

Marriage, families and liberty are fundamental values that many feel are fading away from American consciousness. Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Action, to help us understand legislation on abortion, family and marriage legislation and what power if any, we the people have.Want to sign the petition to de-fund Planned parenthood in Wisconsin?  Click here!   You can […]

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WASHINGTON - JANUARY 22:  Pro-life activist Ma...

New Documentary “Blood Money” Seeks to Expose the Abortion Business

by LifeSiteNews.com By Matt Anderson A group of filmmakers have recently filmed a documentary that aims to expose the terrible reality of abortion, focusing on the financial aspect of the multimillion dollar abortion industry. The film, entitled “Blood Money,” includes numerous interviews with leaders of the pro-life movement, in which they lay out the facts […]

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Social Justice In Wisconsin

Today’s guest is David Liners, the state director of WISDOM Wisconsin, a social justice organization. WISDOM has Nine local affiliate organizations across the state of Wisconsin, including Esther in Neenah, and Joshua in Green Bay. WISDOM is currently working to change the State Corrections system by implementing Treatment Instead of Prison (TIP) for non-violent drug […]

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Posted via email from Keith

Youth Pressures and Trends

Young people today face more challenges than the generations before them. With suicide and depression rising in youth, how do we as Christian parents and leaders help them?  Special guest is Jeff from HopeNet 360. Download this episode http://media.blubrry.com/standupforthetruth/p/standupforthetruth.com/files/2011/01/Stand-Up_01-21-11.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (8.7MB) | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

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