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Mike LeMay and David Fiorazo host a daily one-hour, live radio program tackling tough issues and sharing the news of the day that affects Christians. Listen each weekday from 9 - 10 a.m. CST on Q90 FM (90.1 on the radio) or stream live online. Since December of 2010, this exclusive and local program has featured commentary and opinions on issues that affect true believers - presented with a straight, thoughtful, biblical approach.
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The Intersection of Church and State

One of the many laws that has had a detrimental effect on morality in America is the Johnson Amendment. The left has succeeded at silencing the church from speaking about biblical morality and holding our government accountable. We analyze one of the most interesting pieces of legislation ever implemented and how it has been used to bully believers. There are some religious leaders who use the amendment as an excuse not to talk about controversial issues and others who are more concerned about their tax-exempt status than preaching the truth of Scripture regardless of popularity. We'll discuss the many angles of this debate brought back to the spotlight thanks to a campaign promise by Donald Trump to repeal the Johnson Amendment. In our first segment, we talk economics with Christian economist, Doug Wakefield of Best Minds Inc.

The Anguish of Abortion and Hidden History

If the media, Hollywood, and Democrats are truly concerned about protecting women, why is there no outcry over this? Since wombs are dangerous places for black babies, isn’t there a story on racism here? Margaret Sanger sure would be proud of America today...

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