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True or False? How to discern if a prophet is for real

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (12.0MB) Today we have more Christian conferences, sermons and books available than ever before in our history. And as we’ve discussed on Stand Up For The Truth, there seems to be an explosion of false teachings and prophets. Some are blatantly obvious, and some are so subtle that […]

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Focus on the Family Still Defending Contemplative Prayer

Recently a long-time financial supporter of Focus on the Family decided he could no longer donate to the organization because it supports and promotes contemplative prayer and its proponents like Richard Foster and Gary Thomas. So he wrote to Focus to explain why.  He got a response, which he shared with Lighthouse Trails Research: Dear […]

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The incredible — and prophetic — wonders of technology

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.7MB) If innovation in technology fascinates you, today’s show will be a real eye-opener. God gave His human creations an incredible intellect, and we’re now seeing some of the most amazing advances in medicine, computer science, biology, nanotechnology, aerospace engineering, biometrics, robotics and other technologies like never before.  […]

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The Exhortation to the Apostles

God–Just a Friend?

As I head to Oklahoma to speak to a conference of pastors and Christian political leaders, I look forward to the opportunity to share the research we have gathered on issues facing the church in America these days and some of the dangerous teachings seeping in to her.  And I look forward to sharing with […]

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From spiritual abuse to a safe place in Him

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.8MB) What happens when people are spiritually abused in their churches? Many Christians feel stuck in a cycle of fear and guilt, either within their own church or without any church to call home. Warnings of divine retribution hold many believers in a bondage of fear, making them afraid […]

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Football and Faith–Keeping Things in Proper Perspective

A majority of our local listeners are avid Green Bay Packer fans—and yesterday was a sad day indeed for us.  The Packers, who came within one game of going undefeated in the regular season, were dismantled by the New York Giants, ending their quest for a second consecutive Super Bowl championship.  You could feel much […]

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Atheist stickers.

Reaching the steadfast unbeliever

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.8MB) One of the hardest things for those who do not share Christian beliefs is our faith’s exclusive nature–that Jesus is the one and only way to God. Certainly when prominent Christian leaders make very public, sinful mistakes and choices, Atheists can point to this as an example […]

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It Begins! India Is First Country To Start Nationwide Biometric ID Program For Every Citizen

Here is an article we will talk about on Wednesday when we do our prophecy show with Mary Danielsen: The Mark of the Beast For years now, we have warned and warned about the coming One World Government that will see it’s completion in what the bible calls the mark of the beast. In the scary […]

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What kind of church do you attend?

So asks Todd Friel of Wretched Radio, as he compares and contrasts two very different types of churches. ONe is alive and well in the world today; the other is one that speaks Truth boldly. Which on is Christ’s Bride?

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Bride of Christ

Why are we here?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 51:36 — 11.8MB) Romans Chapter 11 talks about our relationship with Him and His many adopted children.  The Church is the Bride of Christ, and we are preparing for His wedding feast. One day, Jesus will come for His bride and the end of this age will […]

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Pendant to The Victory of Joshua over the Amal...

2012: A Year of Spiritual Turmoil?

December 21, 2012 is rapidly approaching.  If you believe some, the world as we know it will come to an end on that day.  Others, including many scientists believe the galactic alignment with the earth, sun and center of our galaxy will produce tremendous physical phenomenon including severe earthquakes and devastating sun flares. Now do […]

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What You Can Expect in 2012

By Gary Kah (A frequent Stand Up For The Truth guest) Well, here we are, the much anticipated year 2012 has finally arrived ? the year in which the world as we know it is supposed to end. The countdown to December 21st is on, with more one-world/new age events being planned for the next […]

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English: Pleiades Star Cluster

2012: Prophecy or Panic?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.9MB) New Age philosophers and writers are eagerly looking to the Winter Solstice of 2012, and they consider the occult-based Mayan calendar a big turning point in human history.  So is December 21, 2012 the “end of the world,” as some have projected, or nothing at all? First, […]

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Teen Girl Calls For Nationwide Girl Scout Cookies Boycott For Including Transgender Children

She’s already being called a “young bigot”  and “Stepford-esque” by bloggers, but a 14-year-old Girl Scout is standing up against her organization’s support of the homosexual agenda: The California-based teen is hoping to spearhead a national boycott of Girl Scout cookies after the organization’s controversial decision to admit a 7-year-old transgender child to a Colorado […]

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Русский: Иисус Христос, ангелы, апостолы. Икон...

Signs and Wonders–But Whose?

Few movements within Christianity elicit more opinions or passion than the “signs and wonders” movement.  There are avid defenders who believe God is doing remarkable things to draw believers closer to him and reach the lost with miracles.  There are also avid detractors who see this movement as phony, self-serving and perhaps even evil—a great […]

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Bethlehem - Church of Nativity

Christ at the Checkpoint

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.7MB) Today we’re looking at two very distinct topics. In our second half hour, we’re continuing our look at the Signs and Wonders Movement with some interesting thoughts from a controversial author, Andrew Strom. Check out Andrew’s site and books and weigh in. In the first segment, we’re […]

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Signs and Wonders–God’s or Man’s?

Sometimes it’s easy to spot a fraud, and sometimes it takes a lot of thought and research.  People like Jim Wallis and Brian McLaren are pretty easy to call out for their false and misleading teachings and interpretations of scripture.  But not every issue we face is that simple.  The “Signs and Wonders” movement is […]

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Signs and Wonders

Spiritual revival in these latter days

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.8MB) There are a couple of topical discussions we have been praying about and working on for months now. One is the Word of Faith Movement, and the other is the Signs and Wonders Movement that is sweeping a lot of America these days. For the next two […]

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English: at dusk in Kensington, Maryland, USA.

A Tale of Two Kingdoms

When someone teaches you about the “kingdom,” what does he or she mean? Here is a teaching on Kingdom Theology by Sandy Simpson over at Spiritual Research Network, Inc., that explains it well and shows you that, depending on who is teaching or preaching, the word Kingdom might not mean what you think they mean […]

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English: Jim Wallis

Christian Leaders? Or Cowards?

It’s important when we read the news or listen to what a leader says that we look beyond the rhetoric and discern the real intentions of the one delivering a message to us.  Watch the nightly news about what is going on in Africa these days.  The secular news reports with terms like “tribal violence” […]

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