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The Christian status quo and the "after-Christmas hangover"

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.9MB) Now that Christmas 2011 is over, are we back to “life as usual?” As we look at the current trends in Christianity, we’re talking about what could happen with the Church in 2012. In our nation, on the world, and in churches all across the globe, there […]

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Do you have these 5 keys to discernment?

In these days, we’re seeing the barrage of deception come to the Church’s doorstep at an alarming rate. Here are some thoughts on discernment and how you can hone your truth filter: “THE 5 KEYS TO DISCERNMENT” Via  Andrew Strom  Some people say that knowing Scripture is the only real key to discernment that we need. […]

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On This, We Can Hopefully Agree!

This year on Stand Up For the Truth, we’ve covered the gamut of issues challenging the church in America.  There are the external threats like Islam, humanism and the New Age Movement infiltrating the church—and the internal issues like the social justice and emergent church movement.  We hope this show is leading Christians to be […]

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The Ramifications of our Salvation

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.9MB) What happens biblically when we are saved? That’s a question author John Rataczak asks in his new book, The Ramifications of Our Salvation. John says very few people who accept Christ as their Savior can explain knowledgeably about their salvation.  John will join us today in our […]

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What do you do with the gifts?

  Today we talked about the Signs and Wonders movement within Charismatic thought that is quite frankly disturbing. But it opens up a whole discussion on what you believe and what I believe about the gifts of the Spirit. Are they alive today? Which ones are real?  In your faith journey, what do you do […]

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Signs And Wonders Movement Exposed

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.9MB) Many believe that we are the generation that will witness the return of Christ. Jesus said that those who are alive for his second coming would be subject to the greatest onslaught of deception ever leveled at the body of Christ, and that this deception would be […]

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christmas 2007

Why The "War On Christmas" Bothers Me

I admit to having mixed feelings this time of year when Christians are hollering about the “War on Christmas”.  No, there is no doubt this war is real, but our response bothers me on a couple fronts. First, some Christians get carried away with a spirit of offense and get upset over the cashier at […]

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Biblical Christmas? What our history tells us about the holidays

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (12.0MB) From the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah to the Christian celebration of Christ’s birth, December is the season we say Happy Holidays–at least in the politically-correct realm that is our modern society. A lot of you have commented on our Kids, Jesus and Santa: Do you tell the […]

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Kids, Jesus and Santa: Do you tell the truth?

We probably won’t be able to talk about this on our radio program (lots of young ears, we understand), but it is a question worth discussing. What do you tell your children about Santa? Here is a great  post from The Cripplegate Blog about what to say—and what not to say—about the myth that is […]

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Your "best life" now?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.9MB) What does the Bible say about how we are to contend for the faith?  Today we talked about a number of issues affecting how we live out the Truth of God’s Word. Is our goal to have riches in this world, or should we look to the […]

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Kids from a church youth group were sliding do...

Leading Our Youth To Slaughter?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (12.0MB) While we may or may not always agree with the conclusions drawn by George Barna on the research his firm collects, it is none the less always a fascinating look at the trends and directions of Christianity in America.  Barna’s “2011 trends” we covered today are disturbing […]

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Christopher Hitchens

Atheist author Hitchens dead at 62

  “Tragic news this morning of the death of atheist Christopher Hitchens. God does not delight in the death of the wicked.” (Ezek. 18:23) Thank you to Christian Pirate Radio’s Chris Rosebrough, a watchman with a great reminder of how we are to mourn the lost, because God does. Here is the story: (CNN) — Christopher Hitchens, […]

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What Kind of Christian Are You?

A couple days ago Amy and I spent some quality time with a local Pastor who is a frequent listener to Stand Up For the Truth.  He stopped by the station to introduce himself and get to know us a little better.  The pastor asked me an interesting question as we began our discussion:  “How […]

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Faith in the Marketplace: A Reason for Being

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.9MB) We live in a politically correct time when people are easily offended. So imagine what would happen if you ran a global company and had this as your mission statement for the world to see? Today we’re talking with Bill Moore about sharing his bold  testimony and […]

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English: Photo taken in 2006 by Kevin Satoh of...

Iowans Offended by 'Jesus Freak' Comments Made by Professor

  University of Iowa journalism professor Stephen Bloom has set off a firestorm in Iowa because of his comments in an article in The Atlantic magazine that described Iowans as “uneducated Jesus freaks who love hunting and don’t deserve the political clout they will exercise on Jan. 3.” Bloom, who is currently a visiting scholar […]

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Pink Ribbon chocolate lollipops for Breast Can...

Publisher Dumps Pink Bibles After Abortion Uproar

Finally, the Susan G. Komen Foundation gets mainstream press exposure for supporting the abortion industry all these years: LifeWay Christian Resources has decided to pull pink breast cancer awareness Bibles off the shelves of major retailers. For every pink Bible purchased, one dollar went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation which donates to Planned Parenthood. […]

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The other side of the River Movement

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.9MB) For 12 years, Kevin Reeves was a member and even an elder of a Latter Rain church that he says was “moved by every wind of doctrine.” He was part of a Signs and Wonders movement that was exciting and different from anything he had ever experienced, […]

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English: Brow Chakra Rajasthan 18th Century

WARNING: Kundalini Yoga's "Highest Mantra Meditation"

We’ve warned before about the many forms of  Kundalini Yoga Meditations, which combine the use of mantras, mudras and pranayama (breathing), to bestow profound spiritual “benefits” to those who practice them.  Many Christians are being taught these dangerous but popular meditations in day spas, fitness facilities, hospitals, and sadly, in some Christian churches. The names […]

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Causing Little Ones To Stumble?

As we look at all the false teachings out there these days and the threats to the church in America, I have this little thing I do where I try to assess the seriousness of these threats and how much time we should spend studying them.  Well the “New Atheism” is perhaps not an overt […]

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New Atheism, Part II: A far-reaching agenda

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.6MB) The New Atheism movement is one that is drawing secular humanists from all over the world into a unified community like no other time in our history. So what is New Atheism and what sets it apart from traditional atheism?  One example is the way in which […]

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