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Is the Church in America Prepared for Harassment and Persecution?

The American church model and whether or not it is important to be “relevant.”

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The Subtle and Dangerous New Age Movement

Time to channel some biblical discernment on this trend. Eric Barger joins today’s program.

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Is Something up His Sleeve with Israel?

A U.N. resolution could jeopardize Israel’s sovereignty. Elijah Abraham is on today’s program.

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Coming to a Neighborhood Near You…

Poised to strike at the heart of America. We welcome back Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project.

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Has the Christian Church in America become Irrelevant?

It didn’t happen overnight. Thoughts from a Biblical commentary, plus a conversation with fellow watchman, Bob Anderson.

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“It Could Never Happen Here…”

… or is it inevitable? Elijah Abraham, a former Muslim, talks about the dangers of radical Islam and a sleeping Church.

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Resurrection Truth, Terrorism, and Current Events

The darker the world becomes, the sooner Jesus is to return.

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Growing Deception within Professing Christianity

Astrology, New Apostolic Reformation, Islamic terrorism & the GLBT agenda. Don Veinot is back to discuss this and more.

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What is the Real Agenda in America?

It’s bigger than Trump. Award-winning filmmaker Curtis Bowers joins us this morning.

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Do We Really Know the Bible?

Reciting Bible verses is not knowing the Bible. Pastor Randy White is back to discuss growing trends among Christians.

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Economics and the Human Agenda2

Education, Economics and the Humanist Agenda

Have you noticed how many progressives and socialists tout themselves as tolerant by reacting with intolerance? Doug Wakefield is on the program.

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Emergent Theology and Attacks on True Christians

It has never been more alive or dangerous.

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Sounds Nice, But is it in the Bible?

God helps those who help themselves, and other stuff that’s not in the Bible.

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Has Sanity Left America

Has Sanity Left America?

Help! We’ve sprung a leak!

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