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The Coming One World Religion and Government

It is inevitable according to the Word of God:  The world will turn to Satan and anti-Christ for the “solutions” to the crisis that the world is experiencing.  And while no one knows the exact date this will happen Jesus did warn us to look at the signs of the season so we might know […]

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Christian “Unity” Week

Being a child of God is not simply being created in the image of God. Robert Meyer talks America, Christianity and the wacky Presidential race.

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Can The Truth Be Heard In A Room Full Of Doubters?

We often seem to lack the ability to defend the scriptures and explain them to lost people. Jay Seegert joins us the program today.

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Giving Our Lunch Money to the Bullies

In Philadelphia, a police officer gets ambushed by a radical Muslim. European officials are downplaying the role of Islam after dozens of sexual assaults. When will we wake up to reality?

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Only Changed Hearts Lead to True Political Change

As we continue our theme this week looking at the increasing threats against religious freedom, we can only imagine what lies ahead in 2016 for the Christian Church and our nation. This morning we wade into the murky waters of politics and the political process once again. For believers, is this a necessary battle and […]

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Will 2016 Be The Tipping Point in Our Nation?

Americans are generally an optimistic people. Anita Dittman shares her perspective as a Jewish Holocaust survivor.

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A Different Perspective on the Rapture of the Saints

We know we have been spared the Righteous wrath of God against sin by the sacrifice and atonement of Jesus Christ. Pastor Joe Schimmel of Good Fight Ministries is on the program.

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The Subtle Lie is the Most Dangerous Emergent Theology

The blatant lies are the easiest to identify and refute. Gary Gilley joins the program today.

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Islam, Islamic Terrorism and Chrislam

We can choose to remain in ignorant bliss. Elijah Abraham answers your questions on today’s program.

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More “Christian” Confusion

Is there any place safe to send our children to school anymore? Robert Meyer and Dave Wager join the program to discuss these issues.

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Government Education From the Perspective of the Gospel

We’re looking at you, Government-Mandated Public Education System. Scott Alan Buss joins the program today.

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What is the Biggest Danger Facing America?

Secular humanism, Islam/Chrislam, Emergent theology, or this. Ryan Mauro is back to give us a view of threats to our national security.

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Explain This, Mr. Bible Believing Christian!

Who are you to criticize Islam? David Limbaugh is today’s guest on the program.

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Financial Chaos Looming? A Biblical Response

Our nation is close to $100 trillion in debt. Doug Wakefield joins us today.

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