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The times we're in: Signs of what's to come?

The times we’re in: Signs of what’s to come?

There are those in the Church within various movements who call themselves “prophets,” and who have built multi-million dollar industries selling their wares, convincing people to part with their life savings and pointing the world to themselves rather than to our Holy Creator God. These folks are in a class by themselves, and we don’t […]

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Exploring a new kind of Christianity

Exploring a new kind of Christianity

Think the Emergent Church is dead?  Think again; it is re-packaged, alive and well.   Here in our homestate of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Council of Churches is promoting a statewide forum up in Door County lead by Brian McLaren, the face of the Emergent Church movement.  It’ll cost you $275 to find out what’s next on the […]

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Christain Freedom Comes With Responsibilities

There is a growing dynamic going on in Christianity as it relates to politics and government.  Jim Wallis of Sojourners was hired in 2004 to help the Democratic Party garner more evangelical Christian votes for democratic candidates.  Now whatever we think of Jim Wallis’ distorted views on Christianity, let’s give him his dues.  He was […]

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Proclaiming justice amidst persecution

Proclaiming justice amidst persecution

Today we’re covering news out of Orange County and Saddleback Church, where megachurch pastor Rick Warren has announced he is cancelling the presidential forum he was planning with President Obama and Mitt Romney.  We’ve posted a story on our website from the Orange County Register, the only news source able to interview Warren about his […]

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The ‘Addicting Experience’ of Worshiping in a Super-sized Church

The ‘Addicting Experience’ of Worshiping in a Super-sized Church

Megachurches can be addicting “like a drug,” according to a new study that reveals that megachurches in America with congregations larger than 2,000 people are not only growing, but also satisfying the spiritual needs of their members. The study comes out of the University of Washington, where the findings seem to indicate that the megachurches […]

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Church HDR

Experience over the Gospel

Should our  Sunday experience be our core identity as a Christian, or a supplement, a part of our walk with God?  We’re going to look at that today, plus a story about a new study on the Mega-Church Experience.  Plus several news events happening in the Church including a National Day of Repentance, and a National […]

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English: Rick Warren speaks at the 2006 TED co...

Holding Leaders Biblically Accountable

Loyalty can be a very endearing quality.  Standing along side a friend when they are going through a rough patch, or staying true to your spouse when he or she is going through some challenges is noble and a desirable quality. And when it comes to Christian leaders, we must do all we can to […]

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Will our churches be silenced?

As more and more churches are being targeted as “haters” for simply preaching God’s Word, what will happen five or ten years from now if Christ followers do not stand for religious liberty?  Attorney Matt Staver, chairman and founder of Liberty Counsel is here to discuss this with us today. Liberty Counsel is an international […]

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Men at Prayer

Islam–A Threat and an Opportunity for Christians

Islam.  The very word stirs deep emotion in most Christians and non-believers alike.  Some people tend to generalize and place all Muslims in the tent of fanatic terrorists out to destroy all Christians and Jews and establish a world dominated by Sharia Law. Others—too many—have chosen to remain ignorant about the real threat of radical […]

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Poor Chinese

Biblical Social Justice

In Matthew 19:16-26, Jesus seems to have a stern admonishment for wealthy people:  “Truly I say to you, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.   Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich […]

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Something for the kiddies, something for mom (...

50 Shades of Grey meets the pulpit!

  Well, we knew it was just a matter of time before the Church of Laodicea latched onto a hot cultural money-maker the world is talking about. Even if it is considered chick porn (meaning, pornographic content that women are buying), the book series, 50 Shades Of Grey, is so popular among even Christian women […]

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Christians and Voting--Silence or Action?

Christians and Voting–Silence or Action?

Whether we like it or not, we will be hearing a steady stream of political ads over the next 90 days.  Candidates for federal, state and local office will be telling us why they are the candidates we should vote for and how they are the solution to all that ails our nation in these […]

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Submitting or standing?

While some Christians are very involved in the culture wars in our nation, many don’t want anything to do with cultural or political fights. But, if our religious freedoms as Christians are under attack and if we do not stand up and fight back, will our government attempt to silence Christianity in our nation? And […]

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When Godly men and women stand up for Christ

We want to reiterate that Stand Up For The Truth is not a program about politics. We don’t encourage anyone to “Reclaim 7 Mountains for Jesus” or “Take Back Our Government (Dominionism)” or even try to promote legislating morality, which we know is impossible without individuals first being convicted by the Holy Spirit. That being […]

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