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Discerning and fruit: The question of Todd Bentley

These days we are bombarded by messages and invitations that entice us to climb on board with our prayers, support, our presence and our money. Just this week in our hometown in Northeastern Wisconsin, we’re being asked to look into a visiting Christian leader named Todd Bentley, and to warn listeners about some things in […]

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Ricardo Dominguez (left) rallied late to win a...

A Dangerous Deception

Deception is everywhere these days for Christians. There are the blatant attacks on the Word and truth of God through movements like Chrislam, The Emergent Church and Social Justice organizations. And there is a growing movement to lull Christians into beliefs of humanism, collective salvation and even universalism which accepts all gods as equally valid. […]

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A basic lesson in Chrislam

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.8MB) The outcry against this blending of two very different religions, Christianity and Islam, is beginning to amp up. But why exactly is it a dangerous hybrid, and what’s so bad about finding “common ground’ between two people groups? Today Mike and Amy break down the basic concepts […]

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What is "Chrislam," and why should you care?

On today’s show, we’re talking about Chrislam, a movement in some churches with an agenda to blend two different faiths into one. We think that this is eventually a path toward a one world religion that the Bible warns about. Here is a basic description of Chrislam as a starting point for discussion: Question: “What […]

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Praise belongs to the King

It Is Time To Truly Stand Up

First, a big thank you to Dave Wager for sitting in for me the past few days.  I am always amazed at Dave’s ability to take issues we face these days and tie them in with God’s Word to show how there really is nothing new under the sun.  It was fascinating to listen to […]

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Why fear stops us from sharing Jesus

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.6MB) If you’ve ever said, “Evangelism isn’t my gift,” this podcast is for you! Why is it so challenging to share Jesus with friends, neighbors and (especially) relatives?  Today we’re asking that question to our in-studio guests, Jaye Meng and Heath Pucel.  Their ministry, Burnbrothers Ministries, trains Christians […]

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a secret

Ashamed of Jesus?

In Luke 10:2 Jesus states: “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into the harvest field. Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves” Sheep among wolves—not a very comforting thought is it? We are sent out into a world […]

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Life After Harold Camping

Well, May 21st passed and no rapture or final judgment from God. Sadly, thousands spent all their money on billboards and contributions to Harold Camping to help deliver a message that any devoted Christian should know is a reckless statement. Jesus plainly told his apostles that only God the Father knew the exact hour of […]

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Red Riding Hood

Will Israel Stand Firm?

Watching events unfold in the Middle East always brings me mixed emotions. Christians have a mandate to defend Israel and the Jews according to the bible. In John 4:22 Jesus declares that salvation is from the Jews. As God’s chosen people, the Jews were the people God chose to deliver His Holy Word and bring […]

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"Question War"

Social Justice: Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Christians in all denominations and in non-denominational churches are being duped. The rise of the social justice and emergent church movements is spreading a false gospel message and distorting God’s very words—and a growing number are falling prey to it. The social justice movement, represented locally by groups like JOSHUA and ESTHER are pushing a […]

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Worshiping "Mother Earth"?

There can be little doubt that there is a comprehensive worldwide movement to kick God off His throne and replace Him with the worship of “mother earth”. The United Nations will soon be voting on giving “mother earth” human rights and the US seems willing to go along with this insanity. Imagine how this will […]

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A 2 month old goat kid in a field of capeweed.

Goats in Sheep's Clothing?

Are we truly Jesus’ sheep…or are we still acting like goats? Ask a Christian that question and his response will probably be “Of course I am a sheep!” But do our actions belie that answer? And just what does it really mean to be one of Jesus’ sheep? Sheep are among the most naïve of […]

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Sheep Being Led to Slaughter?

As Christians in America, we live a very blessed life. While Christians in the Middle East and Asia put their lives on the line every day practicing their faith, we live here with tremendous freedom to worship. So you might consider it impossible to think that real persecution could ever come to our nation. But […]

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A New Christianity?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.7MB) Christians are facing challenges to their faith in unparalleled ways today. Pastors and denominational bodies are wrestling with issues thought to be ‘out of the question’ twenty years ago. Times are changing. Mike & Amy talk about these changes and take your calls & emails! Download this […]

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Resurrection: Son of God Jesus triumphs over d...

What Do I mean When I Say "I am a Christian"?

When someone would say “I am a Christian” it used to be that it was pretty clear what they stood for.  These days that statement should cause us to dig a little deeper and question just what a person means when they make that statement. Being a “Christian” these days can range from a strict […]

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Stained glass at St John the Baptist

False Teaching – How do we discern?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (12.0MB) Through the centuries God’s people and His teachers have interpreted Scriptures differently. What is the difference between discerning our own thoughts and interpretations of the Bible, and false teaching that goes against the character of God? Download today’s show

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Questioning God's Nature

In Mark Chapter 13, Jesus warns us of the great deception that will occur before His return.  In verse 22 Jesus states: “For false christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect—if that were possible.” Stop and really let that sink in for a moment.  Signs and wonders […]

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Afraid? Or excited?

I confess that when I first became a Christian all the talk of a conspiracy working toward a one world government or religion seemed a bit far fetched to me.  I always thought people who wrote about these subjects seemed just a tad on the paranoid side.  But as I immersed myself in the prophetic […]

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Good Friday 2009

How Good Is Good Friday?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.5MB) Today we hear your thoughts on Good Friday, a day that is rarely seen as “good.” We can often downplay Good Friday, or avoid going to Good Friday services because we don’t like the sadness and silence. In our hearts we yearn for the Resurrection part–we want […]

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Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church.

Watchman or Pharisee?

Earlier this week Warren Smith shared his concerns for New Age teachings he believes are infiltrating the minds and hearts of many Americans and some Christians.  When he discussed Rick Warren we knew there would be some strong reactions.  And I want to sincerely thank Chad for sharing his thought with us on the subject […]

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