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Can America Survive with Religious Pluralism?

The strange convergence of ideas in America. A discussion with Scott Alan Buss.

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Football, Politics, and Idolatry in American Christianity

Are we just as passionate about the things of God as we are sports, entertainment, and pop culture? Scott Alan Buss is back to fire up the discussion.

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Rising Tensions Between Christians and Muslims

Elijah Abraham offers his insight for resolution.

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The Most Influential People of 2015

SUFTT listeners share their opinions about who had the most influence in American culture in 2015. Plus, Julaine Appling updates us from Madison.

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A Financial Shaking Knocking at Our Door?

Doug Wakefield joins us today to discuss current economic issues we face. Later, what’s North Korea doing with an H-bomb?

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Will Our “Joy” Outlast the Christmas Season?

Studies show that actually depression and suicide are higher in the Christmas season. Don Veinot joins us on the program today.

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Global Governance, Religion, and Socialism

The enemy is infiltrating virtually every human establishment.

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In the World, But Not of the World

Peace on Earth, goodwill toward whatever makes me feel good today? Pastor Randy White joins us to talk about the roots of Christmas.

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A Different Perspective on the Rapture of the Saints

We know we have been spared the Righteous wrath of God against sin by the sacrifice and atonement of Jesus Christ. Pastor Joe Schimmel of Good Fight Ministries is on the program.

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The Subtle Lie is the Most Dangerous Emergent Theology

The blatant lies are the easiest to identify and refute. Gary Gilley joins the program today.

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What is the Biggest Danger Facing America?

Secular humanism, Islam/Chrislam, Emergent theology, or this. Ryan Mauro is back to give us a view of threats to our national security.

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Don’t Worry, It Could Never Happen in America!

Think again. Pastor Saiko Woods joins the program today.

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Coming Together as “One”

If your idea of unity among Christians includes everything but Christ, I’m out.

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Christian Men and Biblical Leadership

“I’m just not a leader.”  Men, how many times have we cowered behind that false statement?  How many times have we sat back and allowed others to lead our families and children?  The truth is God has ordained Christian men to be spiritual leaders in their families and in the church. Today more than ever […]

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