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Men of faith, rise up and lead!

These days there seems to be a subtle message from the Church to the man: “Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”  That takes the godly pressure off the man to spiritually lead his family. The church is willing to do it for him!  You may not realize this, guys, but: •    4% of Christian men pray with […]

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Why men aren't leading at Church and home

The secular culture paints men as stupid and weak, or worldly and lecherous.  Many Christian men mirror what the culture says men are to be. Their exterior fence looks clean on Sundays, but families often see the unpainted, raw side.  The Bible paints a much different role for men within their families, the culture and […]

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A biblical mandate to man-up

In the past several generations, many men in our western culture have lost the ability to take the reigns when it comes to leading in their lives, in their families and in their churches.  For many reasons, men have placed the role of leader on their wives’ shoulders, a trend that has lead to confusion […]

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