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The UN headquarters in New York

The "UN"-Christian Public School Agenda

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.6MB) You won’t want to miss today’s discussion about the U.N., as we peer into its core values and mission as it pertains to education. Plus, David Rubin of Israeli Children’s Fund has some interesting insights into Egypt’s new government. Download this episode

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School Choice volunteers

The State of Our Schools

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.6MB) Our first half hour we’re joined by Kyle Olson, founder and CEO of E.A.G. (Education Action Group Foundation), a non-partisan non-profit organization with the goal of promoting sensible education reform and exposing those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Download this episode

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NEA 2010 Award


Excellent background: THE 4 KEY POINTS: *John Dewey. The “father of American Education” and the first honorary President of the NEA, Dewey co-wrote the Humanist Manifesto. He wrote and taught extensively about how God is a myth and the only real religious pursuit is man pursuing his own goodness and potential. Dewey is still revered […]

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AIESEC Students

Public Education, Or Indoctination?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (8.7MB) What is happening in our classrooms these days? Whether you have kids, grandchildren or pay property taxes, you won’t want to miss this discussion. Plus, news story updates and your comments and questions! Download this episode

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"Kids Aren't Cars" Movie Trailer

Here’s an interesting movie clip from a new movie coming out in a few weeks. It’s called, Kids Aren’t Cars: And our Schools Shouldn’t Be Droput Factories, and it’s about the assembly-line mentality of public education–and the education unions that run our schools.     Check out the site and the video. It might be […]

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united nations, geneva, switzerland

"Christian persecution around the world (and here at home)"

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (8.6MB) Does the Obama Administration know consciously the long-term impact of some of the NEA’s and UN’s educational agenda? On today’s show, special guest William J. Murray (son of Madeline Murray O’Hare), talks about persecution of Christianity in America and around the world. Now a born-again believer, William […]

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On Tuesday, January 12th, the Beverly Hills Un...

A reason to attend School Board Meetings

As a California school district’s former superintendent and facilities director face charges for abusing public funds, one Christian contends that educators should work to serve the public interest. Jeffrey Hubbard and Karen Anne Christiansen of the Beverly Hills Unified School District have been charged with allegedly misusing over $5 million in public funds. Hubbard, a […]

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Faith and Freedom (Part 1)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (8.9MB) Think you know how to define faith? Join us for an interesting discussion on not only what it means to have it, but it live it out the way Jesus instructed. Download this episode

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Textbooks, The Bible and Living Your Faith

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (9.1MB) What are our kids–the future leaders of our nation–being taught in public schools? Today we’re continuing our discussion on public schools and textbooks–from a local controversy to discussions from around the U.S. as parents in many districts are objecting to assigned reading. Plus you won’t want to […]

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Children in Jerusalem.

Our children aren't prepared

Recent studies about education in the US all point to one startling statistic:  US children are falling behind foreign students in every category of learning.  The US Education system, once the shining beacon of education, has become a joke.  Our children are ill prepared to compete for jobs in a global economy. How has this […]

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Middle school students at a KeyNote Concert he...

Appleton School Board Decision

The decision by the Appleton School Board to introduce a book for high school freshmen to read containing graphic sexual situations and vulgar language should wake up each of us as parents and taxpayers.  Decisions on what our children read and study in public schools are being made in a vacuum, with little or no […]

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