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Islam, Islamic Terrorism and Chrislam

We can choose to remain in ignorant bliss. Elijah Abraham answers your questions on today’s program.

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More “Christian” Confusion

Is there any place safe to send our children to school anymore? Robert Meyer and Dave Wager join the program to discuss these issues.

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Government Education From the Perspective of the Gospel

We’re looking at you, Government-Mandated Public Education System. Scott Alan Buss joins the program today.

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What is the Biggest Danger Facing America?

Secular humanism, Islam/Chrislam, Emergent theology, or this. Ryan Mauro is back to give us a view of threats to our national security.

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Explain This, Mr. Bible Believing Christian!

Who are you to criticize Islam? David Limbaugh is today’s guest on the program.

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Financial Chaos Looming? A Biblical Response

Our nation is close to $100 trillion in debt. Doug Wakefield joins us today.

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Don’t Worry, It Could Never Happen in America!

Think again. Pastor Saiko Woods joins the program today.

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Islam From a Religious, Prophetic and Law Enforcement Prospective

As Islam spreads, how long will it take before we realize the danger of its teachings? Carl Gallups joins the program today.

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Living in a Romans 1:28 World

The question is no longer how do we stop this insanity of violence.

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Offensive Theology and Censorship

Surely it could never happen in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Eric Barger joins the program.

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Should We Care How the World Views Us as Christians?

The Apostle Paul and Jesus Himself had much to say on this subject. Dave Wager is our guest today.

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How Many Christians Actually Believe and Live the Word of God?

We’ll ask David Limbaugh on today’s program.

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Deceiving and Being Deceived

You will know the truth and the Truth will set you free!

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How Should Christians Respond to Syrian Refugee Crisis?

So much complexity. So much division. So much at stake.

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