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Are Americans Becoming Delusional?

Jesus warned the Church in Laodicea. Scott Alan Buss brings the fire on today’s program.

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Choices Have Consequences

Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto are alive and well. Hear from Heather Heininger from Wisconsin Right to Life on today’s program.

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Manipulated by Slick Marketing Campaigns

The world will try to sell us what it thinks we should want. Dave Wager helps keep our focus where it should be – on God.

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Do We Really Know the Bible?

Reciting Bible verses is not knowing the Bible. Pastor Randy White is back to discuss growing trends among Christians.

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Economics and the Human Agenda2

Education, Economics and the Humanist Agenda

Have you noticed how many progressives and socialists tout themselves as tolerant by reacting with intolerance? Doug Wakefield is on the program.

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Emergent Theology and Attacks on True Christians

It has never been more alive or dangerous.

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Sounds Nice, But is it in the Bible?

God helps those who help themselves, and other stuff that’s not in the Bible.

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Has Sanity Left America

Has Sanity Left America?

Help! We’ve sprung a leak!

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Dangerous Times for Our Nation Podcast

Dangerous Times for our Nation – Especially for Babies

Will the Church feel the pain of the unborn? Our guest today is Julaine Appling from Wisconsin Family Council.

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Our Reference Point to Determine Truth

Too many people are getting lost. Jay Seegert is our guest today.

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The Nightmare of the 2016 Election

Just when you thought you were dreaming, reality hits you. William Murray joins the program.

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Is the Bible Still Relevant to Most Americans?

We’re going out on a limb here with Don Veinot.

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Evidence Proving God, His Word, and Truth

Will Christians and Atheists finally agree? Frank Turek makes a compelling case.

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The Warnings of the Book of Hebrews

We must pay much closer attention to what we have heard. Pastor Mike Abendroth is today’s guest.

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