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Has Sanity Left America

Has Sanity Left America?

Help! We’ve sprung a leak!

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Dangerous Times for Our Nation Podcast

Dangerous Times for our Nation – Especially for Babies

Will the Church feel the pain of the unborn? Our guest today is Julaine Appling from Wisconsin Family Council.

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Our Reference Point to Determine Truth

Too many people are getting lost. Jay Seegert is our guest today.

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The Nightmare of the 2016 Election

Just when you thought you were dreaming, reality hits you. William Murray joins the program.

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Is the Bible Still Relevant to Most Americans?

We’re going out on a limb here with Don Veinot.

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Evidence Proving God, His Word, and Truth

Will Christians and Atheists finally agree? Frank Turek makes a compelling case.

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The Warnings of the Book of Hebrews

We must pay much closer attention to what we have heard. Pastor Mike Abendroth is today’s guest.

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Stealth Jihad in the United States

Will our leaders wake up before it is too late? Elijah Abraham joins the program.

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Leadership and Discipleship

Can we truly have one without the other? Dave Wager joins the program.

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Losing our Minds in America

Justice Scalia dies as America teeters closer and closer to the proverbial edge. Who can save us?

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Can America Survive with Religious Pluralism?

The strange convergence of ideas in America. A discussion with Scott Alan Buss.

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The Coming One World Religion and Government

Look at the signs of the season. Gary Kah is back on the program.

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The Appeal of Socialism to our Youth

Feeling the Bern now? You’ll feel the burn later. Doug Wakefield is today’s guest.

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What Many Professing Christians Believe and Why It Matters

I asked 190 youth who said they were Christians this question…

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