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The morphing of the Emergent movement: Can you see it now?

The Emergent Church movement is a progressive Christian movement that attempts to reduce or eliminate Christian doctrine in favor of experience and feelings. Most do not believe man can know what is absolute truth, and believe God must be experienced outside of traditional biblical doctrines. We know the Emergent church is alive and well, although […]

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The Neo Emergents: Are you following this new mixed breed?

Brian McLaren, Dan Kimball, Leonard Sweet, Rob Bell – all Emergent leaders who’ve moved into more of a “coach” position. Who are the New Emergent Leaders today? Lots of names you may not have heard of. Leadership Network (the original Druckerite emergent machine), is hooked up with a number of the Next Gen emergent leaders. […]

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The leadership lingo of the post-modern church must be reformed

I get the Catalyst newsletters and email alerts, so that I can keep an eye on what the world’s premiere Emergent Church conference series is up to. Because how our next generation of Christians is being trained in this realm is extremely important to me, and I think it should be to you, too. When […]

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Reviewing 2013

2013 has been a very interesting year indeed for Christians.  The end of 2012 saw the “Mayan Calendar” propaganda being spread as people around the world wondered if the end was upon us, and that is a pretty tough act to follow, but 2013 had its interesting moments. We watched Rick Warren address continued challenges […]

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Hath God Said?

Should a choir director at a public high school be forced to take Christ out of the Christmas music his students perform?  That is the topic of a huge debate in Wausau, Wisconsin, where last night there was an emotional public hearing. A little later on we are going to get an update from Julaine […]

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Emerging towards convergence

“After emergence comes emersion.” —Teilhard de Chardin, The Phenomenon of Man (Harper, 1965), p. 309. This excellent article by Sarah H. Leslie will give you the basis for what the Emergent Church is doing today, especially in light of where Emergent guru Brian McLaren has told his funders he is taking them (See: Donation plea: […]

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Emergent Church finally shows its real intentions!

If your church uses words like “Missional” and “Spiritual Formation,” you’re not going to want to miss today’s program.  And if someone has told you that the Emerging Church is a non-factor, that is an outright lie. (Yes, we need to be this bold.) We believe this is a must-hear interview for every pastor and […]

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Not in my church

Understand that many will tell you the Emergent Church has all but died out. But as we’ve shared in show after show these past several months, it has re-emerged with newly-coached leaders and strong support from the secular liberal progressives leveraging the Emergent Church to help strengthen their own agenda. And the Church is helping […]

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10 years later, Emergent Church alive and moving

In the past decade, much has been said about the Emergent Church movement. There’s no doubt that it has done more harm to the Bride of Christ than any other trend or movement, by giving people the freedom to re-imagine basic doctrines of the Bible, and reinvent truth as in the eye of the beholder. […]

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have we gone to rock concert heaven!? :D

How to spot the "Emergent" trends in your church

You may have heard that the Emergent Church issue is a topic from yesteryear that we should now ignore. But those of us who study postmodernism understand that the Emergent Church is far from dead, and evolving by the week with each new book, conference and shift in paradigms.  Eric Barger from Take A Stand […]

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A Time For Real Christian Leadership

It does not take a rocket scientist to observe all that is going on around us and imagine a day soon when the world and the church may be thrown into chaos.  The Middle East is on the verge of implosion as radical Islam is taking over nation after nation.  Iran has reiterated it will […]

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Welcome to Full Blown Apostasy in America

Fellow Christians, things are getting very hairy in our great nation.  On the secular front, sixteen trillion dollars in debt and a weak economy are threatening to drag our nation into an economic depression we may never get out of.  Morally and spiritually, we are headed toward bankruptcy as we abandon the Judeo-Christian laws and […]

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Exploring a new kind of Christianity

Think the Emergent Church is dead?  Think again; it is re-packaged, alive and well.   Here in our homestate of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Council of Churches is promoting a statewide forum up in Door County lead by Brian McLaren, the face of the Emergent Church movement.  It’ll cost you $275 to find out what’s next on the […]

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The War on Christianity–Are Our Leaders Prepared?

The battle over the statement on marriage by Chik-Fil-A executive Dan Cathy has stirred up strong emotions throughout the country. Radical homosexual activists and humanists are attacking Chik-Fil-A hoping to destroy them because of their biblical stance on marriage, and around the country hundreds of thousands of Christians are rallying to support Chik-Fil-A. However it […]

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Cross & Clouds

Will We Really Stand Strong to the End?

The Christian church in America is suffering from a lack of leaders who can think strategically and see the big picture.  Many have been lulled to sleep by seeker friendly movements, purpose driven theology and tolerance, marginalizing the complete gospel so as to seem loving and relevant.  While the numbers of people who claim to […]

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Headed Over a Spiritual and Moral Cliff?

Critiquing traditional foundations of our society is never easy—but sometimes it is necessary.  An objective look at where our nation and the church in America is headed can lead to only one conclusion—we are headed into a spiritual and moral abyss from which we may never recover.  How did it come to this? No single […]

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The sinking sand of the Emergent Church

We know that the great delusion that the Bible warns us about that will take place prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ is already underway, and it’s happening in the body of Christ.  Jesus Himself warned that great multitudes will fall away from Him, as people follow a different Jesus, a different Gospel […]

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The National Association of Evangelicals and the Lies of Climate Change

Yesterday’s show on Agenda 21 was hopefully an eye-opener for Christians.  The growing power of the United Nations and the control it is trying to impose on the life of every person in the world should be a wake-up call for Christians.  The U.N. is an organization that is rotten to the core, continually promoting […]

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Narcissistic Christianity

I was reviewing an interesting post on our Stand Up For the Truth Facebook site this morning that I think points to the problem we have ourselves in as a Church in America these days.  The man who posted it pointed out what he refers to as the schizophrenic state of American Christianity because Jonathon […]

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Christian Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Leadership–Without strong, principled leadership an organization is doomed to failure.  Leadership sets the vision and the path to attain that vision.  This is true within corporations, governments, families and religion.  Any organization will only go as far as leadership allows it to go. Our nation was founded by leaders who recognized that all authority and […]

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