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Flight back to Houston: Crazy Love, Pretzels, ...

Book Review: Crazy Love

Many of you have asked us about Francis Chan, and we know he sure seems like a nice person. When one examines the fruits or tests the spirit, it should never be based on a person’s good deeds (even our best deeds are rags to God), or their personality or humbleness. It all comes down […]

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Not in my church

Understand that many will tell you the Emergent Church has all but died out. But as we’ve shared in show after show these past several months, it has re-emerged with newly-coached leaders and strong support from the secular liberal progressives leveraging the Emergent Church to help strengthen their own agenda. And the Church is helping […]

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Jay Bakker

Pro-Homosexual Pastor Jay Bakker to Start Church in Minneapolis

Jay Bakker, whom we reported last month as denying Jesus Christ’s substitutionary atonement for our sins, is starting a new church called Revolution, which currently meets in a candy store. Bakker is part of the re-emerging Emergent Church, a movement that some were hoping had died out. Oh no; it is alive and well. Erin […]

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Church of Tares and the real roots of the Emergent movement

Today we’re meeting a film producer who is using his gifts to equip the Body of Christ to understand the times we are in and the movements that are springing up like weeds or tares among wheat, and choking out the light of God’s true love for his bride. If you’ve ever wondered what the […]

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English: Wolves chasing an elk

The Demise of Biblical Discernment

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” ~ Matthew 7:15 Over at the Berean Call, T.A. McMahon asks some pointed questions about why Christians in our generation do not have the first clue about how to discern these times and trends. T.A. has been a guest […]

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Country Valentine

Are our hearts still wicked after we become Christians?

Some believe that we are, indeed, housing depraved hearts even after being washed clean by the atonement of Jesus. Others believe that we are victorious over sin and our hearts are clean.   It’s a question that we’re taking to the Word today in our second segment.  But first we want to talk about something […]

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10 years later, Emergent Church alive and moving

In the past decade, much has been said about the Emergent Church movement. There’s no doubt that it has done more harm to the Bride of Christ than any other trend or movement, by giving people the freedom to re-imagine basic doctrines of the Bible, and reinvent truth as in the eye of the beholder. […]

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Emergence Christianity "Explosion!"

“We’re not dead; we’re just hitting puberty!” So say yesterday’s trailblazers and newly-coached leaders in the Emergent Church movement, which we were told two years ago (By John MacArthur!) was gasping its last breath. These post-modern gurus who spawned the whole lets-have-a-conversation-because-we-can’t-possibly-know-absolute-truth-in-scripture thought are still out there, and their numbers aren’t dwindling at all. Not […]

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"Church of Tares" a must-see video

Got two hours of time to spare?  I hope so, because if you’ve ever wondered what the “big deal” is about the fruit of the Purpose Driven Church created by Peter Drucker and championed by Rick Warren, Bob Buford and Bill Hybels, this free video is well worth your time.  At about an hour and […]

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McLaren and others teach us to reimagine Jesus

“Do you ever feel like Jesus has been kidnapped by the Christian Right and discarded by the Secular Left?”  Let me guess: Progressives to the rescue? This is a question posed in Saving Jesus Redux, a new video series brought to you by Brian McLaren and other voices. It’s a 12-session small group DVD that […]

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Can we reclaim the Church?

These days it seems we are allowing politics and the culture wars to define who we as Christians are.  In fact, we seem to spend a lot of effort trying to reclaim these areas rather than proclaim Jesus.  Yes, we want to live in a nation where Christ is honored and decency is a value, […]

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have we gone to rock concert heaven!? :D

How to spot the "Emergent" trends in your church

You may have heard that the Emergent Church issue is a topic from yesteryear that we should now ignore. But those of us who study postmodernism understand that the Emergent Church is far from dead, and evolving by the week with each new book, conference and shift in paradigms.  Eric Barger from Take A Stand […]

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How wide is that merging gate?

In Christianity, some of the movements we’ve been following are quickly shifting to new paradigms:  The New Age is now called New Spirituality; the Emergent Church is now called the Merging Church. If you haven’t been paying attention, you’ll want to tune in!  Today we’re talking with Caryl Matrisciana, who produces the WIDE IS THE […]

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Brian McLaren crossed the road…

Post-modern liberalism in the Body of Christ is what gives the Emergent Church theology its wings. It helps you toss along the waves of uncertainty; question what God said is Truth.  A few weeks ago we reported the many ways in which the Church is emerging into a New kind of Spirituality, one that brings […]

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Exploring a new kind of Christianity

Think the Emergent Church is dead?  Think again; it is re-packaged, alive and well.   Here in our homestate of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Council of Churches is promoting a statewide forum up in Door County lead by Brian McLaren, the face of the Emergent Church movement.  It’ll cost you $275 to find out what’s next on the […]

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Emergence Christianity: A National Gathering!

And here you thought the Emergent Church died.  But no, apparently the EC is alive and well, thanks to Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt and New-Ager Phyllis Tickle. Tickle beleives that throughout history, the Christian Church evolves every 500 years or so, and we are ripe for another paradigm shift. The ecumenical event will be held […]

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Is the Church submerging?

The Bible warns us about a great delusion that will take place prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself wants to warn us so that we will be prepared, and said that many of us will fall away.  Is that delusion already underway in our Body of Christ today? We’ve talked about […]

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Tony Blair, David A. Harris and Rick Warren at...

Disjointed apostasy movements? I don't think so…

The greatest military leaders are ones who can see beyond the current battle conditions and take a strategic look at what the enemy is up to.  They understand that deception is a big part of warfare and that enemies often try to lull their opponents into a false sense of security as they lay a […]

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Spiritual formation and neo-Gnosticism lead believers down shakey path

Aren’t spiritual practices a good thing? After all, prayer, Bible study and other habits will help us grow in Christ, right?  The following article (as well as others we’ve shared on Stand Up For The Truth), takes a hard look at the core of what Spiritual Formation is about and it’s historical roots. The Emerging […]

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Safety recall for those exposed to emergent books, DVDs. etc

When bad spinach or broken brake lines harm consumers, a swift recall alert is issued to ensure no one else suffers from flawed or infected products.  So shouldn’t the same standard apply to products that harm us spiritually–perhaps even eternally?   Our guest today, Pirate Christian Radio’s Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith issued a […]

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