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Life and Listening to God

Life and Listening to God

Mike and Nancy LeMay discuss news issues affecting our Christian faith. Plus Amy Spreeman reports from Lifest with special guest Danen Kane, an up-and-coming artist gaining national attention with his ministry and new album, Love Is Waiting. At a time when so many young Christians are looking to hear from God about their purpose, Danen […]

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Why should they listen to you?

Why should they listen to you?

How do we tell people about who Jesus is?  Today we welcome our in-studio guest, Jaye Meng and John Shaline of the Burnbrothers Ministries, a great organization with helpful resources that show Christians how to overcome their fear and share their faith. Download the podcast! Subscribe (RSS | iTunes) Related articles Why fear stops us from sharing […]

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Morning Workout

Resistance will come

So many issues are facing our churches today, and we’re called to not only point people to Jesus but be on the watch for teachings that would lead His people away from the Truth of who He is.   When you stand up for Christian principles adversity will come your way. How do you overcome […]

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coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee..........

Sharing Jesus: What's in your message?

Family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and strangers; they have questions about Christianity, and you want to share the reason for the hope that you have in Jesus. How do you share your faith and defend your beliefs with the different people in your life?  Our special guest Robert Meyer joins us to talk about biblical apologetics, […]

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Natural Night Light Beams

Bringing light into darkness

How do you bring the hope of Jesus to a world that desperately needs Him? Today in our first half hour we’re talking with two experts, Heath and Jaye from the Burn Brothers Ministries, about effective evangelism. Then in the second half, the other side of darkness: What does it mean to be yoked together? […]

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Why fear stops us from sharing Jesus

Why fear stops us from sharing Jesus

If you’ve ever said, “Evangelism isn’t my gift,” this podcast is for you! Why is it so challenging to share Jesus with friends, neighbors and (especially) relatives?  Today we’re asking that question to our in-studio guests, Jaye Meng and Heath Pucel.  Their ministry, Burnbrothers Ministries, trains Christians on how to overcome their fear and share […]

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Dirt road in Switzerland for agricultural use.

Which Road Are You On?

I wish I could accurately predict exactly when Jesus will return.  But then again I’m just not that smart and Jesus also told us only our heavenly Father knew the exact date and time.  So for now we will just have to keep on living one day at a time, staying in God’s will and […]

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The Stolid and the Vanquished

Reclaiming Freedom From Sexual Sin

Some say you cannot change your sexual orientation; that people who are homosexual are “born that way.” Today our special guest in studio is Mike Levenhagen, a man who, until his 30s, lived as an openly-gay man. Then Mike encountered the Living Word in Jesus and decided to seek real change through Him. And God has […]

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The Last Supper of Jesus Christ

Christians in End Times

How Christians see the end times playing out is absolutely critical to what we believe and how we live our lives.  Many are teaching that Jesus does not return to judge sin, but instead He simply returns to inherit a perfect world that man has created through our good works.  This is a crucial discussion […]

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