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A play about corn syrup. Sort of…

Scene 1: Banquet Hall (Applause dies down) Doctor Smith:  “Welcome to the weekly banquet, fellow heart patients. As a cardiologist and your surgeon, it is my privilege to feed you only the healthiest of heart-healthy foods while...

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A Time To Be Meek–and a Time To Fight!

Fire breathing Christians…I’m sure that title causes discomfort in many of us in these politically correct days we live in.  We have been taught as Christians to be kind, meek and gentle.  And certainly those are desirable...

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The Train Is Coming At High Speed

Last Saturday while visiting family in Missouri, I was up as usual around 4am.  I brewed myself a cup of coffee and started reading the books by the minor prophets in the Old Testament when I felt God beckon me to just close my...

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Faith in Faith? Or In God?

Some Christian teachers present faith as some sort of special power that is there at our beckon call.  If we can just tap into that faith, that God would give us anything we could ever desire—health, wealth and prosperity.  They...

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