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Guiding the Church in Challenging Times

The first century Christian Church faced a variety of threats from outside and within.  Roman and Jewish persecution of believers and an influx of false teachers inside causing people to stray from the true faith were constant challenges the apostles wrote about to the early churches. God’s Word also wrote of the final days when […]

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The Book of Jude — A Warning To American Christians?

“Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints”. This letter from Jude to believers carries so much wisdom for the times we live in […]

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how much do you love me?

Love? Or Cowardice?

It appears a new translation of the bible is being written these days.  A much simpler version that cuts through all the confusion some Christians feel when they read the New Testament.  A version that reduces the gospel and epistles to a very simple theology. Do not judge, lest you be judged.  This quote from […]

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What kind of church do you attend?

What kind of church do you attend?

So asks Todd Friel of Wretched Radio, as he compares and contrasts two very different types of churches. ONe is alive and well in the world today; the other is one that speaks Truth boldly. Which on is Christ’s Bride?

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The Pharisees Question Jesus

A Time To Be Meek–and a Time To Fight!

Fire breathing Christians…I’m sure that title causes discomfort in many of us in these politically correct days we live in.  We have been taught as Christians to be kind, meek and gentle.  And certainly those are desirable characteristics when we keep them in proper context and perspective.  But, as always, we look to the bible […]

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The Lines Are Being Drawn

The Lines Are Being Drawn

2011 has indeed been an interesting year to be a Christian.  From the controversial teachings of Rob Bell, to the so called “Arab Spring”, to the ill-advised predictions of Harold Camping, it has been a fascinating year.  And through it all, I believe God is continuing to implement the separation of His sheep from the […]

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christmas 2007

Why The "War On Christmas" Bothers Me

I admit to having mixed feelings this time of year when Christians are hollering about the “War on Christmas”.  No, there is no doubt this war is real, but our response bothers me on a couple fronts. First, some Christians get carried away with a spirit of offense and get upset over the cashier at […]

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Kids from a church youth group were sliding do...

Leading Our Youth To Slaughter?

While we may or may not always agree with the conclusions drawn by George Barna on the research his firm collects, it is none the less always a fascinating look at the trends and directions of Christianity in America.  Barna’s “2011 trends” we covered today are disturbing on several fronts. Today we’re talking about trends […]

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The First Step On Our Journey

The First Step On Our Journey

Today we begin year two together on a challenging journey in incredible times.  False and misleading teachings and even apostasy continue to grow and Christians face challenges to stay anchored to God’s Word and teachings.  We will be tempted to compromise with the world more and more. I want to take this time to thank […]

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Photo showing some of the aspects of a traditi...

Fearful? Or Thankful?

As we prepare for another Thanksgiving Day celebration, again I reminisce about my second Thanksgiving celebration as a born again Christian back in the year 2000.  We were preparing for dinner at my parents house and before we began to over eat, my mother asked each of us children to state one thing we were […]

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Fighting For Our Youth In the Midst of Crisis

Our youth are in a world of hurt.  At a time when they should be excited about their future and laying a solid foundation for it, many look at all that is happening in the world and feel they face a future of bleak uncertainty.  Recent studies show almost 70% of current College graduates are […]

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Harden Moss : 100th Sheep Dog Trials

Leaders–Are You a Sheep Dog? Or a Mouse?

One of our listeners stopped by after the show yesterday and we talked about all things Christian.  Early on we discovered a common bond—he is a current policeman and I a former one during my military service.  We talked about the great responsibility on policemen and women—the requirement to be kind and courteous most of […]

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Tony Blair, David A. Harris and Rick Warren at...

Are Christian Leaders Prepared For What's Coming?

Leadership is crucial to the success of any family or organization.  Without strong, consistent, principled leadership, there is chaos and confusion.  The unit—the family or the business—becomes unfocused and unproductive without strong, active leadership. More than ever, this is true for the church.  As Americans become more and more self-centered and as attacks on the […]

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The Bible

Are You a Berean–Or a Fool?

In Acts 17:11 Paul commended the Bereans because they searched the scriptures daily to see if what they were being taught by Paul and others were confirmed by God’s written word.  With everything going on inside and outside the church these days, I can find no more important or pertinent scripture for us as Christians […]

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