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What we can learn from the arrest of Kim Davis

Kim Davis made a choice to follow her religious conviction instead of obeying man.  Is this the beginning of the end of religious conscience and freedom? From The Christian Post’s Michael Brown: It is jarring to write the words “the arrest of Kim Davis,” speaking of the Kentucky clerk who was remanded to jail for […]

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House for rent

How “free public schools” make us all renters from the State.

Remember when you could actually own a home in America? The answer is: No, you do not. Even if you think that something like true home ownership was recently or is presently allowed here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA, you are simply wrong. As with most of the […]

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I took photo with Canon camera in Wisner, LA.

Christian Freedom: What does it look like?

Jesus came to set the captives free.  Before his perfect sacrifice, mankind was held captive by the power of sin and incapable of eternal perfect union with our heavenly father.  By his sacrifice we were set free—but just what did Jesus free us from? Some Christians act as if this new found freedom gives us […]

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Brown County Board Continues with Prayer Despite Objections

Brown County Board Continues with Prayer Despite Objections

Via WBAY-TV: Despite efforts by a Madison-based group to remove a prayer from the beginning, the Brown County Board meetings, members bowed their heads in prayer Wednesday night “Dear Lord, thank you for bringing us together safely this evening,” they prayed. Before every monthly Brown County Board meeting, board officials are led in a prayer […]

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A picture of Pisgah Baptist Church in Four Oak...

Is Religious Freedom Slipping Away?

America, land of the free…but just how free are we these days?  Are we headed down a dangerous road to a Fascist state in America? Adolph Hitler rose to power in the midst of a horrible financial crisis in Germany.  The first thing he did was artificially inflate and prop up the economy.  The state […]

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The Stolid and the Vanquished

Reclaiming Freedom From Sexual Sin

Some say you cannot change your sexual orientation; that people who are homosexual are “born that way.” Today our special guest in studio is Mike Levenhagen, a man who, until his 30s, lived as an openly-gay man. Then Mike encountered the Living Word in Jesus and decided to seek real change through Him. And God has […]

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