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Bill Hybels and staging

Leadership and the Willow Creek Summit

I confess that I may have been a little hard on the Willow Creek Leadership Summit on today’s show, but I think we live in a time when tough questions and a tough self-examination is sometimes necessary.  By no means are we saying you should not attend, just understand that not every leader presented lines […]

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Why I Won’t Be Attending Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit Again This Year

This is one of the more challenging programs we’ve aired on Stand Up For The Truth. As you know, we’ve been adamant about the need for pastors and Christian ministry leaders to become bold leaders, unashamed of the Gospel.  But leaders must also be very clear on where they are leading their followers. the world […]

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Should you judge a church by its bookstore?

A few weekends ago I attended a new church (new for me anyway), and checked out its bookstore. I was so pleased to see some of the very same authors we’ve interviewed on our program. Of course the Bible was front and center, but I also saw many titles from those warning Christians that time […]

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Men of faith, rise up and lead!

Men of faith, rise up and lead!

These days there seems to be a subtle message from the Church to the man: “Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”  That takes the godly pressure off the man to spiritually lead his family. The church is willing to do it for him!  You may not realize this, guys, but: •    4% of Christian men pray with […]

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Do we need a new kind of sexuality for the 21st century?

Over on Jim Wallis’ Sojourner’s blog (where Lynne Hybels is listed as a contributing editor along with Shane Claiborne, Brian McLaren, Donald Miller, etc.), guest writer Dave McNeely is proposing a new kind of sexuality for Christians in these modern times. We wouldn’t want to be outdated, after all. McNeely is an Adjunct Professor of Religion at Carson-Newman […]

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Discernment Detractors:  Calling Good Evil

Discernment Detractors: Calling Good Evil

If you question some of the modern-day carnality that has seeped into the Bride of Christ, those you love and respect may turn on you and accuse you of having a critical spirit, or call you contentious, a hater, an alarmist, or even a heresy hunter. But take heart; the Bible says something quite opposite, […]

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hear, see, speak . . . no evil

Should Christians expect to hear God's voice?

Did you know that every time God speaks in Scripture it is through an audible voice, never through an inner voice, impressions or feelings, and that includes Elijah’s still small voice? So contends Gary Gilley, in his review of the book, Hearing God, by Dallas Willard.  Willard believes that Christians should hear God’s voice apart […]

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Eat More Pork

Shellfish, Mixed Fabrics, and Homosexuality: Picking and Choosing?

Wondering how to respond when the world asks why you still eat shellfish and stand up for traditional marriage?  Here’s a teriffic article byMike Riccardi over at the Cripplegate blog: Shellfish, Mixed Fabrics, and Homosexuality: Picking and Choosing?   Once again, a brilliant post of Jesse’s has stimulated a lot of discussion. Yesterday’s post, in […]

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To know Him is to love Him

Can you ever love someone you don’t really know all that well? As our guest today, Dave Wager, often says, “If you are disappointed with God, you don’t know Him.” Often as Christians we will filter what we want from God through a narcissistic filter we’ll call CASPER: Comfort, Affirmation, Self esteem, Pleasure, Entitlement (or […]

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On Judging Books by their Covers (and marketing sheets)

On Judging Books by their Covers (and marketing sheets)

Every week, publishers launch new books to the Christian market. We get many of them, accompanied by the usual sell sheet and press release. Some even offer suggested interview questions (which I almost always ignore), and others send along articles that have appeared in well-known Christian publications. Some of these marketing materials are great; others […]

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The Real Story Behind the Hatred of Chick-Fil-A

The recent uproar and reaction to Ckick-Fil-A President Dan Cathey’s proclamation in the belief of biblical marriage as defined by God is fascinating to watch on many fronts.  As in all circumstances, it is important we take a step back and see the big picture of what is going on here?  Is it an attack […]

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Discerning the words we use

Discerning the words we use

As Christ followers, we know we have an enemy who is on the prowl looking to deceive and devour God’s people. He does this through persecution and lies that play on our own selfish desires. All you have to do is look at the news headlines to see that the chess pieces are moving: Christians […]

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Cross & Clouds

Will We Really Stand Strong to the End?

The Christian church in America is suffering from a lack of leaders who can think strategically and see the big picture.  Many have been lulled to sleep by seeker friendly movements, purpose driven theology and tolerance, marginalizing the complete gospel so as to seem loving and relevant.  While the numbers of people who claim to […]

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Rending unto Caesar

Jesus said to them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” And they marveled at him.          Mark 12:17 What does this mean, exactly? The relationship between God and government and Christians and politics has been debated since Jesus spoke these words, and the Apostle Paul invoked […]

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