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Pastor Parsley zip-lines to pulpit over cheering congregants

Is it a bird? Is it Tom Cruise? No, it is a pastor!  Rod Parsley of World Harvest Church is raising some eyebrows by releasing this now-viral video of himself zip lining through the air over his cheering congregation, and landing onto his pulpit. His band is playing the “Mission Impossible” theme music to kick […]

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Tightrope Walker

Walking a Tightrope as a Christian?

Do you ever feel your life as a Christian is like one of those guys who walks a tightrope high above the crowd at the circus?  You work hard to maintain your balance and do not lean too far one way or another out of fear you will come crashing down.  And there are several […]

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St Marks Church Target of Klan in 1967

What God says about Church

By guest blogger Bobbie Sawyer: “Since therefore, brethren, we have confidence to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which He inaugurated for us through the veil, that is, His flesh, and since we have a great priest over the house of God, let us draw near […]

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Jesus Christ meditated on emptiness: Christian...

Getting equipped!

We live in a time when the enemy is using confusion as a tool to deceive many and he is doing this right within the walls of the Body of Christ. In our second half, you’re going to hear some stunning evidence of how even popular Christian leaders are being led astray by forces that […]

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Country Valentine

Are our hearts still wicked after we become Christians?

Some believe that we are, indeed, housing depraved hearts even after being washed clean by the atonement of Jesus. Others believe that we are victorious over sin and our hearts are clean.   It’s a question that we’re taking to the Word today in our second segment.  But first we want to talk about something […]

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Soaking: the Trendy Approach to a Holy God

Put the bath salts away; this is a different kind of soaking. The “Soaking Prayer” isn’t found in the Bible, but it was designed to empty your mind and experience the Holy Spirit. It was developed by the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, now known as Catch the Fire Toronto. This group also gave rise to […]

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How Confusion Breeds Chrislam

For years, so-called “Insider Movement” groups have promoted the idea that it is not necessary for people in other faiths to convert to Christianity. In fact, they believe conversion isn’t necessary at all, because they say that Jesus didn’t come to start a “religion.” (It’s the same language used by Brian McLaren, Shane Hipps and […]

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Leadership and Spiritual Formation DMin Retrea...

Are you embracing contemplative practices in the New Year?

Progressive Christianity is full-on tickling this year. And those whose ears are itching for a little spice in their spirituality won’t be disappointed with the contemplative writings of Christine Valters Paintner, Ph.D., a “Benedictine Oblate and the online Abbess,” who teaches monastic spirituality and going into the “divine silence’ of contemplative prayer. Her latest article, […]

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the christmas tree shopper

A hug and a share

Emergent and Seeker-Driven theology teaches that only friendship wins the unchurchable; that “earning the right” to talk about your faith happens in relationship over a period of time. Weeks. Months. Years. But is that what Jesus asks us to do, earn the right to go into the world and make disciples? Or do people need […]

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have we gone to rock concert heaven!? :D

How to spot the "Emergent" trends in your church

You may have heard that the Emergent Church issue is a topic from yesteryear that we should now ignore. But those of us who study postmodernism understand that the Emergent Church is far from dead, and evolving by the week with each new book, conference and shift in paradigms.  Eric Barger from Take A Stand […]

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Should Christians Attend the Muslim Mosque Open House?

This Saturday the local Mosque in Green bay is holding an open house where local citizens can learn about the Muslim faith and ask questions of local Muslim leaders.  I am asking you our listeners if I should attend the open house and if so what should I ask the local Imam? In an article […]

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Richard Foster’s mystical influence in mainstream Churches

Today we’re going to be covering something that may be familiar to you: Spiritual Formation. It’s one of those terms that means we are transformed by the Holy Spirit as we journey in this life, a process we hope will make us more like Jesus. But there  is another side to Spiritual Formation; it has […]

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Leadership and Spiritual Formation DMin Retrea...

What is Spiritual Formation and why does it matter?

I found the following article published just this week from John MacArthur’s Grace To You ministry, and I’m sharing it today so you can begin to understand why Spiritual Formation is causing so many Christians concern: It’s possible—perhaps even likely—that you’ve never heard the phrase spiritual formation before. It’s the kind of terminology that’s often […]

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For Watchwomen: On being discreet

For Watchwomen: On being discreet

We have watchmen and watchwomen all over the world who share interesting articles about trends, the times, movements, and things of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes they email or call, and other times they use Twitter and Facebook. I’m glad to share this article, all the way from South Africa, where fellow watchwoman Elmarie, of For […]

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