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"Jesus in the Quran" conference promotes "Isa" as Jesus

Eric Barger recently told of his experience with a “Jesus in the Quran” conference, during a program we air on this radio station called Understanding the Times with Jan Markell. If you missed the interview, I highly recommend checking out the podcast of Apostasy’s Results: The Scattering of the Sheep. Markell and Barger tackled the […]

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How Confusion Breeds Chrislam

For years, so-called “Insider Movement” groups have promoted the idea that it is not necessary for people in other faiths to convert to Christianity. In fact, they believe conversion isn’t necessary at all, because they say that Jesus didn’t come to start a “religion.” (It’s the same language used by Brian McLaren, Shane Hipps and […]

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Worshiping Jesus in the Mosque: A response

Can one be a Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim believer of Jesus? And can they do this without persecution? A growing number of Christians and church leaders are stopping to consider that this idea may actually be possible, thanks to “Insider Movement” groups that have been pushing this idea forward for the past decade, especially in […]

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Must-see video: Why "Kingdom Circles" teaching is blasphemous

Remember when we first shared that photo of a Saddleback pastor teaching a highly questionable method of evangelizing to other religions? Churches around the world are learning how to blend or sychretize two different faiths, thanks to movements like Jesus in the Qur’an and The Insider Movement.  These folks will often use the so-called “Kingdom […]

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7 tips for witnessing to Muslims

7 tips for witnessing to Muslims

As more and more people from Muslim nations come to the United States, we as Christians have many new opportunities to respond and reach people who don’t know Jesus. But how do we do that with a culture and a faith we know so little about?  I found this article about witnessing to Muslims with […]

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Muslim and Christians celebrate the birth of J...

Bringing Truth to the Muslim world

Today we’re bringing clarity to Chrislam as well as the methods many Christians use to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to the Muslim world. Christianity is the world’s largest religion, and Islam is 2nd–and growing.  As Christian believers we want to know that Muslims are being reached with the gospel. And there are many […]

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Bosanski: Kaligrafski prikaz sure "Iqra&q...

Common Ground, Insider Movement, Syncretism

Here is an article from Biblical Missiology explaining the Common Ground/Insider Movement/Camel Method/Jesus in the Qur’an movement. No matter what name it goes by, it is highly controversial and is gaining popularity in the mission field as a way to bring Muslims, Hindus, New Agers, Buddhists, or other non-bleivers into the Kingdom of God WITHOUT […]

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