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The Prosperity Priestess and the Pied Pieper of IHOP

More and more professing Christians are uniting with wolves in sheep’s clothing. Likewise, wolves and wolverines are joining forces with wolves from different wolf packs. The pack is growing. It’s getting stronger — and they’re cunning! False teachers now play a major role in the Christian community.

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One Thing 2014

Joyce Meyer to speak at IHOP’s “One Thing” -UPDATE

It appears Joyce Meyer has cancelled her speaking event at Mike Bickle’s IHOP event, One Thing. The official announcement is here. Once again, “One Thing 2014,” the New Year’s Eve weekend celebration at Mike Bickle’s International House of Prayer (IHOP) is raising a spectacle in its invitee. This year it will be Joyce Meyer: There […]

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IHOP’s Scary “Presence” doctrine: Part 4

Want to get blessings? Double the blessings?  100 fold?  You can get them, but you have to work for them – according to Pastor Mike Bickle over at IHOP. He says the real power is in the last 2%. It all depends on where you aim. (I can practically hear the collective, “HUH???)  If you […]

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Where is IHOP Going? An interview with Sarah Leslie (Part 2)

Today we are continuing our discussion about the concerning teachings coming out of the International House of Prayer, also known as IHOP, which has grown explosively into a movement in itself.  (Check out yesterday’s Day One of the discussion here.) We’re also going to let you hear the testimony of Stephanie, a young woman who […]

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IHOP 2012

Where is IHOP Going? An interview with Sarah Leslie (Part 1)

There has been a lot of you asking us about the International House of Prayer, also known as IHOP. It’s an organization that started in 1999 in Kansas City by a preacher named Mike Bickle, and they are known for intercessory prayer 24/7.  The organization has grown explosively, and IHOP has satellite groups in other […]

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Exhibit 2: Francis Chan with Mike Bickle at One Thing 2013

IHOP’s scary “Presence” doctrine: Part I

There are some movements that are much more dangerous to Christians because of their diabolical nature, and because it takes more than just a glance at the bullet points to fully grasp. There are some big-name players involved and some global partnerships forming that will eventually mainstream some of the most bizarre theology and eschatology […]

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IHOP’s scary Bridal “Presence” doctrine: Part III

This is the third in a series of research articles via Herescope’s Sarah Leslie and her team at Discernment Research Group  on the strange “presence” teachings of Pastor Mike Bickle at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City. Be sure to check out Part I, and Part II. Bridal Eschatology By Sarah Leslie […]

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What to make of the Francis Chan/IHOP union

The Christian blogosphere is asking the question: What to make of popular Christian teacher and author Francis Chan speaking at IHOP (International House of Prayer)? Some are praising Chan’s bravery, others are saddened and alarmed at the union. What did Francis Chan preach that day? Why the controversy over IHOP and its founder, Mike Bickle? […]

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"Christian" movie questions Hell. Sound familiar?

"Christian" movie questions Hell. Sound familiar?

Hellbound is the name of the new movie coming out tomorrow, that sports a tagline reading: “Prepare to have your buttons pushed.” But don’t forget the question mark–it’s important.  The name of the movie is actually titled, HELLBOUND? The movie is a documentary based on the premise that more and more Christians are questioning and […]

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Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 9.15.43 AM

"Signs and Wonders" training camp for kids

As we’ve covered the dangerous aspects of the Signs and Wonders Movement, we’ve wondered what the effect of this experiential spirituality has on young people. This article over on God Discussion is about a summer camp run by IHOP (International House of Prayer), that trains 6-12 year olds in the art of performing signs and wonders. […]

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Kansas City, Missouri. Front of the Internatio...

Is IHOP a cult? One intern’s story

We’ve been reporting about and warning of the dangerous teaching of Mike Bickle’s spiritual influence over young vulnerable students, many of whom are willing to give up everything just to come live at his campus at IHOP (International House of Prayer) in Kansas City. Here are our most requested resources: What about IHOP? What About IHOP? […]

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Manifesting: Which spirit?

This is a video posted by IHOP of one of its interns, a young girl named Katie, sharing her testimony about how the Spirit of God manifested in her, and continues to manifest to this day. Watch and discern. What is she saying? What is her body language communicating? How would you test the spirits […]

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Kansas City, Missouri. Front of the Internatio...

What About IHOP? (Part II)

We along with many other watchman-type ministries are getting many questions and requests for information on IHOP, the NAR (“New Apostolic Movement”), and the 24/7 Prayer Rooms that are springing up all around the nation and the world. Here is a profile on IHOP, written and published by the Watchman.Org ministry (based in Arlington, Texas), […]

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What about IHOP?

What about IHOP?

We’re getting a few questions about IHOP, or International House of Prayer. As we begin to research and report, we always encourage you to go to the Word of God and prayer to increase your discernment over issues as they arise.  There are some concerns over the IHOP organization. Here is what www.GotQuestions.org reports: Question: […]

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