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Cowardice in Leadership

Today we continue to look at the fall out from the legalization of homosexual marriage and how Christian “leaders” are responding.  Some government employees are refusing to issue homosexual marriage licenses, citing religious conviction.  The response: comply or be fired. And Joel Osteen has weighed in on the decision.  Could he actually have a strong […]

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Biblical Christianity

Willow Creek and Christian Leadership

I have been thinking a lot lately about some closing comments I did on Stand Up For the Truth about 4 years ago. I compared our role to a pesky alarm clock that wakes you up at 4am out of a deep sleep, letting you know it is time to wake up and go to […]

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As the “church” caves, the bride shines

We are seeing the visible, modern “church” cave to the desires of the world at breakneck speed. Whether it’s a church leader calling on pastors and denominations to accept homosexuality as the new normal, as Red Letter Christian Tony Campolo did yesterday, or a growing number of leaders saying the Book of Genesis is just […]

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Challenges pastors face

Challenges pastors face

With all the challenges facing the Body of Christ, we’re going to discuss in particular the hurdles church leaders often face when shepherding their flock and equipping their people.  Some of the opportunities we have in the church today to reach the lost are tremendous. But the challenges are growing exponentially as well in these […]

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A Time For Real Christian Leadership

It does not take a rocket scientist to observe all that is going on around us and imagine a day soon when the world and the church may be thrown into chaos.  The Middle East is on the verge of implosion as radical Islam is taking over nation after nation.  Iran has reiterated it will […]

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A leader’s job

Leadership in the Body of Christ is continually being reinvented, as we live and learn, try and fail. What works in leadership for one ministry or church community may not work in another. We’ve talked on our program about the increasing spiritual attacks on our leaders, the increasing challenges that we all face as the […]

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Holding Leaders Biblically Accountable

Loyalty can be a very endearing quality.  Standing along side a friend when they are going through a rough patch, or staying true to your spouse when he or she is going through some challenges is noble and a desirable quality. And when it comes to Christian leaders, we must do all we can to […]

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Leadership and the Willow Creek Summit

I confess that I may have been a little hard on the Willow Creek Leadership Summit on today’s show, but I think we live in a time when tough questions and a tough self-examination is sometimes necessary.  By no means are we saying you should not attend, just understand that not every leader presented lines […]

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Why I Won’t Be Attending Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit Again This Year

This is one of the more challenging programs we’ve aired on Stand Up For The Truth. As you know, we’ve been adamant about the need for pastors and Christian ministry leaders to become bold leaders, unashamed of the Gospel.  But leaders must also be very clear on where they are leading their followers. the world […]

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Do We Really Love God and Our Nation?

The Book of Habakkuk is probably one of the least read books in the entire Bible.  We hear and read a lot about the great prophets like Daniel, Isaiah and Ezekiel, but Habakkuk seems to be treated as an obscure little book, ignored by many Christians.  But as I study and pray on this ‘obscure […]

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Leadership without biblical compromise

With all of the leadership conferences, podcasts and books out there, many churches are investing in programs that look at how the most successful corporations do business, and adopt those principles. But what does the Bible say about leadership? Biblical leadership involves being what God made you to be rather than what the latest trends […]

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father and adopted children

Men–It is Time to Lead!

I was talking with a friend the other day just after he heard a message preached on Mother’s day, thanking mothers for all they do for families and God.  He quipped: “Now in a couple weeks on Fathers’ Day, we get to hear the message of how men need to step up..”  His concern was […]

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What to expect from church leaders

It’s no longer “good enough” to come to church on Sunday mornings, sit in the pew or chair and expect to be spoon fed or entertained for 90 minutes. Sometimes ministry leaders feel that this is what their jobs have become, as they try to proclaim the Gospel and glorify Christ.  Today we are talking […]

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Christian Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Leadership–Without strong, principled leadership an organization is doomed to failure.  Leadership sets the vision and the path to attain that vision.  This is true within corporations, governments, families and religion.  Any organization will only go as far as leadership allows it to go. Our nation was founded by leaders who recognized that all authority and […]

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The First Shots of the Final Battle?

Things are changing rapidly in our nation and around the world.  Economically, the world teeters on the brink of a world-wide depression as governments spend countless trillions on people who no longer want to actually work, but think the government owes them a living. In the Middle East, the chess pieces are being moved into […]

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We are Leaders--So Let's Start Behaving as Leaders

We are Leaders–So Let’s Start Behaving as Leaders

My comments this morning are directed at men and the need for men to step up and become real leaders at home and at church. First, if you’re a man who doesn’t think of yourself as a leader, think again.  You are a leader—that’s how God created you. So you’re already a leader and there […]

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Defining Christian Leadership

What should we as Christians expect from our leaders?  Leadership is crucial to any organization, especially a church.  Leadership sets the tone for an organization by identifying the values, principles and behaviors expected of those in the organization.  But leadership can also be very difficult and lonely at times because of the responsibilities leaders carry.  […]

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Leadership in the Local Church

An interesting discussion on air today about human leadership within the church. Emergers often preach for no human authority at all within the church. Some churches are rigidly structured with leadership that some consider legalistic or “Pharisee-like”. How do we keep Christ alone as the head of the church yet submit to and respect church […]

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Harden Moss : 100th Sheep Dog Trials

Leaders–Are You a Sheep Dog? Or a Mouse?

One of our listeners stopped by after the show yesterday and we talked about all things Christian.  Early on we discovered a common bond—he is a current policeman and I a former one during my military service.  We talked about the great responsibility on policemen and women—the requirement to be kind and courteous most of […]

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Are Christian Leaders Prepared For What's Coming?

Leadership is crucial to the success of any family or organization.  Without strong, consistent, principled leadership, there is chaos and confusion.  The unit—the family or the business—becomes unfocused and unproductive without strong, active leadership. More than ever, this is true for the church.  As Americans become more and more self-centered and as attacks on the […]

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