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Back to the basics: a conversation about the Emergent Church

Four years ago we began covering the Emergent Church movement. And then back in 2011, several popular pastors made an  astounding statement on their blogs: The emergent church movement is over. Dead.  If the Emergent Movement is “so yesterday,” why are more and more churches climbing on board the neo-emergent bus?  Why are youth-targeted conferences […]

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The next era for progressive emergence

Remember back about six months ago when Emergent Guru Brian McLaren asked for some big, bodacious financial support for a mystery organization that would carry the progressive church into a new era? Well that organization is now up and running, and you may be surprised at who is helping him and what they’ll be doing later this […]

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Emergent Movement

Re-Defining the Emergent Movement

Today we are taking a big-picture look at the Emergent Movement. Some people believe that this movement died out a few years ago, but that assumption could not be further from the truth. In fact, we’re seeing it re-emerge into something even more dangerous, and more palatable for mainline churches to accept. We’re going to […]

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"Davos" is a word you should know

Why should you need to be familiar with the word, “Davos?” Because Davos, Switzerland, was the site of the World Economic Forum back in 2008. Before your eyes glaze over, let me open them by sharing something Sarah Leslie, a phenomenal researcher and Emergent expert over at Herescope, shared on our program today. In Davos, […]

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McLaren and others teach us to reimagine Jesus

McLaren and others teach us to reimagine Jesus

“Do you ever feel like Jesus has been kidnapped by the Christian Right and discarded by the Secular Left?”  Let me guess: Progressives to the rescue? This is a question posed in Saving Jesus Redux, a new video series brought to you by Brian McLaren and other voices. It’s a 12-session small group DVD that […]

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Bad calls

You may think by this title we’re talking about what’s being called the worst referee call in NFL history. (Sorry Packer fans; we’re not going there today.) A number of what we think are “bad calls’ are being made by high-profile leaders in Christianity. We’re going to look at the popular emergent theologian Brian McLaren. […]

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Brian McLaren officiates son's gay wedding

Hat tip to Chris Rosebrough for the heads up: Brian McLaren Leads Commitment Ceremony At Son’s Same-Sex Wedding McLaren family wedding ceremony included “traditional Christian elements.” Melissa Steffan, Christianity Today    September 24, 2012 Brian McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christian and a prominent Christian speaker, led a non-traditional marriage commitment ceremony this weekend, according to The New […]

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"Christian" movie questions Hell. Sound familiar?

"Christian" movie questions Hell. Sound familiar?

Hellbound is the name of the new movie coming out tomorrow, that sports a tagline reading: “Prepare to have your buttons pushed.” But don’t forget the question mark–it’s important.  The name of the movie is actually titled, HELLBOUND? The movie is a documentary based on the premise that more and more Christians are questioning and […]

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Brian McLaren crossed the road...

Brian McLaren crossed the road…

Post-modern liberalism in the Body of Christ is what gives the Emergent Church theology its wings. It helps you toss along the waves of uncertainty; question what God said is Truth.  A few weeks ago we reported the many ways in which the Church is emerging into a New kind of Spirituality, one that brings […]

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Obama Supporters Jim Wallis and Brian McLaren Praise OWS with their Occupy Theology

As most of you know, our ministry would not exist if not for the “Jim Wallis incident,” so I am sharing this post from Blue Collar Philosophy, an interesting site tracking Christians who support the antics of the Left: OBAMA SUPPORTERS JIM WALLIS AND BRIAN MCLAREN PRAISE #OWS WITH THEIR #OCCUPYTHEOLOGY (VIDEO) It should surprise […]

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Cover of "The Bible (Penguin Classics)"

Truth or Consequences

In the coming months we will be spending a lot of time exploring the proper relationship between truth and love.  In my humble opinion, there may be no greater issue facing American Christianity than how absolute truth is being compromised in the name of love.  No greater example of this has occurred than the infamous […]

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Brian McLaren Wants End Time Believing Christians Robustly Confronted

Not only has McLaren not backed down, but more and more leaders are joining him.  Check out the related articles at the end of this one. This is a piece the Lighthouse Trails Editors wrote a couple of years ago, and it is an excellent reminder in light of recent developments in which more and more emergent […]

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Disjointed apostasy movements? I don't think so…

The greatest military leaders are ones who can see beyond the current battle conditions and take a strategic look at what the enemy is up to.  They understand that deception is a big part of warfare and that enemies often try to lull their opponents into a false sense of security as they lay a […]

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Safety recall for those exposed to emergent books, DVDs. etc

Safety recall for those exposed to emergent books, DVDs. etc

When bad spinach or broken brake lines harm consumers, a swift recall alert is issued to ensure no one else suffers from flawed or infected products.  So shouldn’t the same standard apply to products that harm us spiritually–perhaps even eternally?   Our guest today, Pirate Christian Radio’s Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith issued a […]

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