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Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Extra-biblical prophecies: How do we weigh them?

We know that Jesus said to watch for the signs of the times and to be ready for His return as conquering King. And while many Christians today shrug off these words Jesus had to say as if it didn’t apply to them, we believe God’s Word – all of it – including the nearly […]

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It’s Cute When the Baby Makes a Mess

Why do we do what we don’t want to do, and don’t do what we should do? It’s a question of “doo.” Sin is messy, no doubt. And for the Christian on a journey, we all want to put this issue of sin in its proper perspective. Some say we sin because we believe wrong […]

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Christian Occultists: How to break the bondage and find freedom

If the end days are truly upon us, then many false Christs and false prophets and false miracles are surely increasing as the Messiah’s second coming draws closer. Do you cling to obedience to Him, or are you fearing the spiritual warfare? Is it enough to simply not be deceived, or is there something more […]

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Evidence for the Messiah: ministering to Jewish believers

How do we as Christians reach out to those who are Jewish? Today we’re asking an expert! Jacob Prasch was once a Jewish agnostic who valued science and became very disillusioned about organized religion and the Truth about the world and Scripture. He went on a quest to try to find evidence against the words […]

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