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Why Mormons now want to be seen as Christian

Years ago it seemed the Mormons (Latter Day Saints), desired to be seen as different from biblical Christianity. But in the last several years there has been a paradigm shift of sorts, and now Mormons want to be known as Christians. Why is that?  And for those of you who aren’t sure, you may be […]

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Openly Reject God’s First Commandment? YES! WE! CAN!

Imagine, if you will, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton (though not necessarily together – we don’t wanna be too fantastic here), John Kerry, Stuart Smalley, Joe Biden and Bill Maher all gathered ‘round the base of ol’ Mount Sinai as Moses brings down the following decree to man directly from the mind and hand of God: […]

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We talk a good game...

We talk a good game…

Christians, we all know the world is falling apart and unfortunately so are many of our church organizations. A new poll shows most of us value the Bible. We own several copies and we say that it is a sacred text. But do we read it? Not quite. We’re going to share the numbers with […]

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Rep. Paul Ryan evolves, now supports gay adoption

Several news outlets including USA Today and WND are reporting on a stunning announcement today by GOP Rep. Paul Ryan, who reportedly has changed his views and now says he believes gay couples should be able to adopt children: Asked at a town-hall-style meeting Monday in Wisconsin about the issue, Ryan said he would “vote […]

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Franklin Graham "shocked" his site called Mormonism a cult

I think I am just as shocked as Franklin Graham. So to be clear, it is OK for him to call Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Unification Church, Unitarians, Spiritists, and Scientologists cult members, but Mormons? Nope. Either they are just a different flavor of orthodox Christianity, or they are somehow more deserving to be “won over […]

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What Are Christians Choosing Today?

Election Day, 2012 is upon us.  Millions of Americans have had enough of political ads telling us why the candidates are the fix for what ails us as a nation.  We have heard the arguments and the rhetoric and today we choose our next president and leaders. Every four years we hear the latest election […]

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Obama Supporters Claim They Will Kill Romney If He Wins Election

This is from theintelhub.com as well as many other sources we’re seeing shared today: Supporters of President Obama have apparently taken to Twitter to threaten Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney with assassination if he happens to win the election. This comes just days after numerous Obama supporters actually claimed they planned to riot and start a […]

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24 hours until...?

24 hours until…?

Is this the most important election of our lifetime? People say that every four years, but a growing number of us are saying, “Yes, this time the future of our nation really does depend on who comes out ahead tomorrow night. It’s not necessarily about the candidates, but about their ideologies and core beliefs about […]

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Voter Guide!

It’s a good day to vote! With early voting now open at many city and village offices around the nation, you’ll want to know where your candidates stand. Does your state offer a voting guide to all of the candidates and where they stand on issues? This one from Wisconsin Family Action covers the national […]

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Newsflash: Politicians still can't save us.

Newsflash: Politicians still can’t save us.

Fifty-eight million people tuned in to last night’s first presidential debate, and although the topics focused on the economy, there will be a time in the near future when the candidates will be asked those questions that are near and dear to the hearts of Christian believers: The sanctity of life and the sacredness of […]

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Should Christians Really Sit This Election Out?

Does God pre-determine who we elect as our leaders—or does He react according to our choices?  As our nation faces a crucial election in less than two months, this subject needs to be addressed and discussed. To me it is obvious that God does not mandate our choices in leaders, either politically or spiritually.  The […]

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Mormon Family Scriptures

Why the "Mormonism thing" needs exploring

The presidential campaign has made the religion of Mormonism a hot topic in the national conversation. Are Mormons Christian? They believe they are. After all, their Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has Jesus right in the name.  Today we’re going to define Mormonism for you, and provide many resources at the bottom […]

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Proclaiming justice amidst persecution

Proclaiming justice amidst persecution

Today we’re covering news out of Orange County and Saddleback Church, where megachurch pastor Rick Warren has announced he is cancelling the presidential forum he was planning with President Obama and Mitt Romney.  We’ve posted a story on our website from the Orange County Register, the only news source able to interview Warren about his […]

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Article Tab: In August 2008, pastor Rick Warren hosted then senators Barack Obama and John McCain for his first presidential forum at Saddleback Church. The success of the forum and its reviews led Warren to consider hosting another one this week.

BREAKING: Rick Warren cancels Obama-Romney forum at Saddleback

Rick Warren had announced earlier this summer that he would be interviewing our presidential candidates next week, but that is not going to happen. Pastor Warren has cancelled the event. Why? Because he says both campaigns are “too negative.” Erika Ritchie over at the Orange County Register has the big news: LAKE FOREST – Rick […]

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