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Julaine Appling

How Wisconsin's war on liberty is shaping America's Church

Thanking first God for His abundant grace, and for his family, faith and freedom, a political battle came to an end two nights ago in Wisconsin for the first governor to ever survive a recall election. And while we don’t get overly political on Stand Up For The Truth, we do talk about what effect […]

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WTO protests in Seattle, November 30, 1999 Pep...

A World, and a Church in Chaos

Today’s news headlines are pointing to a world in utter chaos.  As governments collide and people rise up to challenge the status quo, where does the Church stand in all of this? Are we losing our focus on making disciples, or are we letting the world shape the Church? Today we’re examining the similarities between […]

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The world watches Wisconsin's cultural and political war

What does it mean to be a loving disciple of Jesus Christ today? A lot of Christians have incorporated the doctrine of political correctness into the way the Church is represented to the world. Political correctness has been taught as Truth in public schools for more than two decades now, and even the textbooks have […]

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Mobocracy and the Church

Is the Occupy movement similar to what’s happening in the Church in America today? When you look at the Emergent Church, the New Apostolic Reformation and other movements in the Church, there seems to be “Liberal” and a “Conservative” segment of our Christian leadership that is dividing Christians not only in our faith but in […]

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