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Obama Supporters Jim Wallis and Brian McLaren Praise OWS with their Occupy Theology

As most of you know, our ministry would not exist if not for the “Jim Wallis incident,” so I am sharing this post from Blue Collar Philosophy, an interesting site tracking Christians who support the antics of the Left: OBAMA SUPPORTERS JIM WALLIS AND BRIAN MCLAREN PRAISE #OWS WITH THEIR #OCCUPYTHEOLOGY (VIDEO) It should surprise […]

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Liberal Pastor Jim Wallis: America Is ‘Not a Christian Nation — It‘s Never Been a Christian Nation’

Via The Blaze: Pastor Jim Wallis’ support for the Occupy Wall Street movement and his leftist inclinations are widely documented. The progressive pastor, who has served as a faith adviser to President Barack Obama, is no stranger to controversy. In an interview that will air nationwide at Lifetree Café locations in the coming days, Wallis made some startling statements […]

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The world watches Wisconsin's cultural and political war

What does it mean to be a loving disciple of Jesus Christ today? A lot of Christians have incorporated the doctrine of political correctness into the way the Church is represented to the world. Political correctness has been taught as Truth in public schools for more than two decades now, and even the textbooks have […]

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What You Can Expect in 2012

By Gary Kah (A frequent Stand Up For The Truth guest) Well, here we are, the much anticipated year 2012 has finally arrived ? the year in which the world as we know it is supposed to end. The countdown to December 21st is on, with more one-world/new age events being planned for the next […]

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Faith and Family

The Occupy Wall Street movement, which has spawned grass-roots activities around the U.S. and in Wisconsin, appears to be picking up momentum.  Where are we headed in the weeks and months to come, and how should Christians respond to the anger, unrest and unanswered questions? Now contrast that with last night’s national Fields of Faith […]

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