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Hybels, Wallis join for Justice conference

If you are a Willow Creek Association member, should this story cause you to reconsider?  Lynne Hybels, wife of WCA’s Bill Hybels, and her friend and professional colleague Jim Wallis are teaming up once again for an anti-Israel conference. Wallis’ ultra-progressive Sojourners organization is one we’ve been warning about for some time, and Lynne Hybels […]

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“Holy” Yoga in my church?

We recently received a letter from a listener in Pennsylvania who raised concerns with church leaders who have embraced “holy yoga” in their church. He suffered what usually happens to many of us when we compare a practice method or teaching to Scripture, and then challenge church leadership: He was ostracized and called a Pharisee: […]

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Discernment isn’t the enemy…

In the Body of Christ, we all have different giftings and skills, and not everyone is passionate about the same ministries, or areas where we serve. And that’s a good thing. We are all different parts of the Body, and we need each other. The Bible says, “The eye cannot say to the hand, “I […]

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Playing the Pharisee Card

Recently the Rev. Mark H. Creech penned this over at Christian Post: One of the most chilling realities of the contemporary age in the United States … Most people have heard the expression, “playing the race card.” The concept has been bandied about in the media for several years. It typically refers to someone falsely […]

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Holding Leaders Biblically Accountable

Loyalty can be a very endearing quality.  Standing along side a friend when they are going through a rough patch, or staying true to your spouse when he or she is going through some challenges is noble and a desirable quality. And when it comes to Christian leaders, we must do all we can to […]

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Define "love" and "truth," please.

Define "love" and "truth," please.

When it comes to Truth and Love, definitions matter. Definitions always have two sides–what it is, and what it isn’t. When the world defines words like truth and love, it most likely has a different meaning and understanding than how God defines Truth and Love.   The world will focus on one side of the coin, […]

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Jesus, The Law, The Pharisees and Sin

When we fail or refuse to understand the relationship between Jesus, The Law, Pharisees and sin, we open the door for very dangerous, destructive theology to creep into our churches and lives.  An example of this is the argument put forward by many who are “Red Letter Christians”.  Their argument often goes like this: “Jesus […]

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Freedom from what? Pharisees, heresies and the Law

To whom was the Law given? Believers!  Jesus did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it. Paul taught that the Law is good because it teaches us right from wrong. And while some debate whether Jesus freed us from the Law, we know that He did free us from the power of […]

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James Tissot

"Hey haters," are we walking in Truth AND Spirit?

It seems whenever people stand up for the truth, they are often branded legalists or Pharisees. The term Pharisee has become a straw-man argument for anyone who feels uncomfortable by those who is passionate for the tougher passages in Scripture or who asks hard questions about some things they are seeing in the Church that […]

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The Pharisees Question Jesus

A Time To Be Meek–and a Time To Fight!

Fire breathing Christians…I’m sure that title causes discomfort in many of us in these politically correct days we live in.  We have been taught as Christians to be kind, meek and gentle.  And certainly those are desirable characteristics when we keep them in proper context and perspective.  But, as always, we look to the bible […]

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Tolerance and the price we're paying

Tolerance and the price we're paying

One year in the books…and what a ride it has been! We have talked with former Muslim leaders; men and women who God has delivered from sexual sin; social justice leaders; and every day people God has miraculously touched. We’ve had a few listeners who insist we are divisive and causing problems for the church—many […]

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the Gospel of Matthew

"Jesus was not polite to false teachers"

Jesus had a lot to say about false teachers and false teachings in His day. He wasn’t mean or belittling, but His words were firm–a sword of Truth. Here’s an interesting article from the Apprising Ministries blog about how Jesus confronted false teachers in His love: Jesus was not polite to false teachers By Ken […]

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