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What Would You Do If You Were Kim Davis?

On Monday, Don Veinot of Midwest Apologetics Research joins us to discuss perspectives on what Christians think Kim Davis should do in standing up for Christian Marriage as a County Clerk. Here is an article that discusses options. Last week I went on the record that Kim Davis should have resigned rather than go to […]

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America’s Spiritual Journey Since 9/11/2001

Fourteen years ago today Americans watched in disbelief as radical Muslim terrorists hijacked airplanes and killed thousands of innocent people in an act of barbarism and evil we thought would never hit us here in America.  In the following days, some asked “Where was God?” or “How could a loving God let this happen?”.  A […]

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Why the church needs more old elephants

Today our conversation runs the gamut of issues facing the modern church, and perhaps its biggest challenge is biblical illiteracy – especially among the next generation. So, what’s up with the elephant? The elephant analogy will make sense when you listen to today’s podcast with our guest, Dave Wager. Dave is president of Silver Birch Ranch and Nicolet […]

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What’s news?

What does the Pope, TBN, Mars Hill, and something called the Code all have in common?  No punchline, just some news making headlines we shared today, along with Christ’s hope for a dark world. Share your thoughts below in our comments section. Today’s Episode: Subscribe (RSS | iTunes) We are 100% Listener supported. Donate now! […]

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Podcast Trouble?

Some listeners have reported that our podcasts start over from the beginning after about ten or 15 minutes of listening. We’re not sure why this happens for some listeners, but here are a few suggestions from some of you:  Go to settings on iPad or iPhone and change the lock setting to “never.” or,  Use […]

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Stand by: We are experiencing growing pains

We love when you write or call to tell us how Stand Up For The Truth has sharpened your faith, equipped you in the Word and informed you about issues that affect the Church. In these past two-and-a-half years, our audience has grown explosively and we get new listeners every day. That kind of growth […]

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My Plans Fail

My Plans Fail

What do you do when your plans fall through? Mike talks about the passing “revelation” of Harold Camping and shares his closing thoughts. Plus, your calls & emails! Download today’s show

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Take A Stand

We’re now 100+ shows strong! How has Stand Up For The Truth challenged you in your understanding of Truth? How has this program blessed or inspired you? We’re asking you to share today–your favorite topics, guests, stories–and we’re asking for your prayer and financial support. Please consider helping sponsor this show and station with your […]

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The Christian Response to the Death of Osama

Dave Wager joins Mike & Amy to talk about the Christian response to Osama bin Laden’s death this weekend. Plus, your calls & emails! Download this episode

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Resisting the Green Dragon

We want to be good stewards of the Earth, but some believe there’s a fine line between stewardship and a worship of environmentalism.  Our guest, Dr. Cal Beisner has developed a ministry around “Resisting the Green Dragon” to help believers understand what this movement is all about. Join this great discussion and share your opinion about whether you […]

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Good Friday 2009

How Good Is Good Friday?

Today we hear your thoughts on Good Friday, a day that is rarely seen as “good.” We can often downplay Good Friday, or avoid going to Good Friday services because we don’t like the sadness and silence. In our hearts we yearn for the Resurrection part–we want to jump right to the Good News. But […]

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How the New Age Movement is deceiving the Church | Part 2

How the New Age Movement is deceiving the Church | Part 2

Warren Smith, author of “The Light That Was Dark” and several other books about New Age spirituality, joins us for Part II of our broadcast. You won’t want to miss Warren amazing story about his two-decade journey into the New Age movement, and how God is using it for Warren’s transformed purpose: to alert Christian […]

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How the New Age Movement is deceiving the Church | Part 1

How the New Age Movement is deceiving the Church | Part 1

It started innocently enough: A psychic reading, a visit to a New Age bookstore, and Warren Smith was hooked into what felt like an exciting spiritual journey. For 20 years, Warren and his wife experienced what they thought was enlightenment, immersed in the New Age movement. Then one day, they experienced the true light of […]

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The End of Pornography?

Mainstream news media outlets defend and even promote pornography, but how does it affect your family? Morality in Media president Robert Peters joins the show today to talk about what the US Government is doing to combat this multi-billion dollar-a-year industry. Download this episode

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